What Were The Best-Selling Gemstones Of 2018?

Another great year is slowly coming to its end, so it sounds like the perfect timing to announce the list of precious stones that made it not only beautiful, but also rich and unforgettable. Get prepared for the best-selling gemstones of 2018 and their undeniable power of attraction!


#1. SAPPHIRE  (9.7%)

Not surprisingly, the first place goes to sapphires which conquered the market with more than 20 different categories and an awe-inspiring spectrum of colors. That is how they earned the title “The Most Popular Gems Of The Year”. The category that rose above all the others is faceted sapphires (31.87%), which stands for quality and affordability, thus being the most reasonably attractive option for average consumers. Faceting is a regular part of jewelry making, as it improves the overall appearance of the precious stone (maximizing its transparency, refractive index and sparkle). Another reason that made sapphires the best-selling gemstones during the entire 2018 is heat treatment.


Vintage Oval Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring with Diamond Accents

The physical and chemical structure of sapphires allows them to be modified under extremely high temperatures and obtain a captivating, vivid color that is sure to please the taste of the consumer. Australian sapphires won the second place in this category (21.1%), thanks to their authentic blue color and the incredible flexibility for cutting them. The bronze medal goes to blue sapphires (19.84%) which confirmed the everlasting popularity of the traditional blue that is often associated with the notions of nobility, prestige and splendor. Other sapphire categories that marked a steady increase in sales compared to previous years are star sapphires (8.58%) and pink sapphires (4.0%).


#2. GARNET  (5.8%)

The birthstone of January, garnet, is the second highest-ranked member of the family of best-selling gemstones of 2018. This graceful gem is mined in a range of different colors, but deeply saturated red is the one that is most recognizable for. One of the major reasons that brought this amount of fame to garnet is the opportunity it offers to consumers to skip the ordinary. We have seen on many occasions this year that modern jewelry shoppers were ready to experience the thrills of unconventional jewelry like never before. And garnet knows best how to fit such a design.


Vintage Garnet and Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold


Spessartite garnets (20.9%) come in rich red, cognac and orange hues, so they will be put on the top position on the list of most desired garnet gemstones this year. Following are rhodolite garnets (20.75%) remarkable for their adorable purpleness that is way more accentuated than other purple gems, like amethyst, for example. We could have seen them mostly in pendant and cocktail-ring settings, opulent and gorgeous enough to exalt the most intense feelings of vintage elegance.

Color-change garnets (12.14%) come right after rhodolite garnets, owning their vast acceptance in the fine jewelry world to the specialty of showcasing different colors when exposed to different types of light. This condition is often confused with pleocroism, but it is not. For instance, one of the most spectacular color changes of garnet is brownish-green in daylight and reddish-pink when exposed to incandescent light. The list continues expanding by counting demantoid garnets (11.27%) and tsavorite garnets (9.4%) taking the fourth and the fifth place, and so on.


#3. SPINEL  (5.53%)

If you have never heard of this gem, do not worry, you are not the only one. It is true that spinel is one of the lesser known precious stones on the market, but those who knows it, would agree that it is an extraordinary specimen of the group of high-priced stones, such as diamond and garnet. Spinel is often compared with ruby, due to the deep red color it has, so if you are not a gemstone connoisseur or a professional in the field, you won’t be able to make a difference between these two gems. It is not that easy to find spinel in nature, hence the reason for its costliness. However, this feature did not stop if from earning the third place on the list of best-selling gemstones of the year.

Trillion Spinel and Aquamarine Ring

Unlike ruby, spinel can surprise its admirers with a rainbow of colors apart from red – blue, green, yellow, brown, black, white, pink, purple and orange. This year, the bright colors of spinel showed to be more dominating than darker ones and it is expected that in 2018 the global popularity of this gemstone will significantly increase. So far, the Mahenge spinel and its vivid reddish-pink color is what brought this type of gem in the public eye and forever changed the perception of it.


#4. DIAMOND  (5.49%)

Diamonds, the most celebrated stones on the planet, the representatives of striking beauty and preciousness, have ensured the fourth place in the competition of best-selling gemstones of 2018. Ever since they appeared on the jewelry market, which is a long time ago, diamonds have been enjoying a reputation of “a girl’s best friend”, a slogan initiated by the Old Hollywood sex symbol Marilyn Monroe. Much to your surprise, it is not the crystal-white diamonds that were the number one selling diamonds this year, but colored ones. More precisely, pink diamonds (17.14%).


Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold


They are incredibly rare and evoke the sense of luxury and romance. Hence, the reason women like them so much and chased them all year long. Most of the pink-diamond offer on the market is realized with color enhanced diamonds, because as we just mentioned, natural pink diamonds are extremely rare to find and consequently, are sold at jaw-dropping prices that are definitely not suitable for everyone’s budget.

Your failed expectation, white diamonds (16.42%), come at the second place and they were mostly desired for bridal jewelry (engagement rings, wedding bands and bridal sets). Despite the silver medal, white diamonds will always be considered top classics. Position number three belongs to blue diamonds (13.57%) and just like their pink-colored buddies, they are color enhanced, which on the other hand, promotes aesthetics and cost-effectiveness. From what we have seen so far, it seems that pink and blue were the hues of 2018’s best-selling gemstones, don’t you think so?


#5. TANZANITE  (5.46%)

The popularity of tanzanite has had its ups and downs over the years, but 2018 has definitely been a year to remember. In a competition with more than 1300 other types of gems, tanzanite earned the impressive fifth place on the list of best-selling gemstones this year. Tanzanite is another blue-colored stone that can also appear in an attractive violet hue. The later one has proven to look arrestingly beautiful in high-polished white-gold settings, although the very same thing can be said for blue tanzanite too.


Oval Tanzanite Engagement Ring with Accent Diamonds


Tanzanite jewelry holds 5.46% of the entire gemstone sales for the past 12 months, thus setting a new record in its history. Tanzanite is appreciated as a great alternative to blue sapphire, but it is quite far from endangering blue sapphire’s adoration on the gemstone jewelry market.


#6. RUBY  (4.8%)

Ruby, the gemstone that knows best how to convey the meaning of passion and mystery, then pour it into a mesmerizing jewelry adornment. The blood-red hue of ruby is what makes it well-known and remarkable, but did you know that ruby is also outstandingly hard, durable and lustrous? When you gather all of the aforementioned properties in one place, it is more than clear why it makes part of the best-selling gemstones we have had this year. In other words, this means that consumers were not only interested in its beauty, but its quality as well.


6 Prong Solitaire Ruby Engagement Ring in 14K Yellow Gold


Rubies are usually divided into different categories based on the places they originally come from. Some of the most sought-after rubies were those mined in Afghanistan (11.96%), Mozambique (6.51) and Myanmar (5.5%). Since forever, ruby has been a highly desired gem at auctions, promoted by many iconic jewelry pieces, such as the Sunrise Ruby and the Graff Ruby.


#7. EMERALD  (3.75%)

Just like tanzanite, the popularity of emerald has not always been consistent over the history, but the success of this year’s emerald sales set the ground to expect that this gemstone is steadily heading towards the hall of fame. The enchanting emerald is authentic for its vitreous green color that no other gem has. Its history, color and shape made it to be nothing, but the ideal gem for vintage designs.

Alternating Emerald and Diamond Yellow Gold Ring

In jewelry practice, most emeralds undergo a series of oil treatments that enhance their color and brilliance, which have shown to not be an obstacle for consumers to love and choose them for their special occasions. Being the seventh best-selling gemstones of 2018, emeralds come in a few categories, including Colombian emeralds as the most reputable ones (34.34%) and Zambian emeralds (14.48%). Experts predict that next year, the popularity of Australian emeralds will mount up, thus offering another amazing shopping option for the fanatics of fine, vintage-inspired jewelry.


#8. AQUAMARINE  (2.88%)

Aquamarine sales have also been quite interesting this year and they took the meaning and beauty of this breathtaking gemstone to a whole new level. The list of best-selling gemstones of 2018 is proud to have it as a member, because aquamarine is art and artistry is an essential skill in jewelry craftsmanship.

Aquamarine Twisted Solitaire Ring in 14k White Gold

Aquamarine is a precious stone with rich history and folklore, so it is not unknown for the vast jewelry audience. Artisans love working with this gem, because it usually comes in large sizes that are beyond preferable for the making of fabulous, forever-to-be-remembered jewelry creations.

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