What Type Of Earrings Will Match Your Wedding Dress?

diamond floral stud earrings in yellow gold

A gorgeous pair of earrings has the power to transform your look in a matter of seconds. One of the things that women love about them is that they come in various styles, which sometimes, can be confusing if a big event is coming soon, like getting married, for example. Studs, drops, hoops, crawlers and chandeliers, what is best for your stunning bridal look? Read on to find out what type of earrings will go hand-in-hand with your fairytale wedding dress.



The bateau neckline runs from one shoulder to the other, right across the collarbone. It gives the bride a noteworthy classic look and it is a proven winner for thin and tall figures. This wedding dress style will look beyond flattering when accessorized with small, delicate and flashy pavé earrings. The stone selection should be either diamonds or moissanite, because they will enhance the sparkling effect of the entire set, especially when exposed to direct light.

Our recommendation:

Cluster Diamond Round Illusion Set Stud Earrings in 10K White Gold

round cluster diamond stud earrings

The illusion setting always promotes edgy jewelry pieces that literally take the breath away, like these magnificent studs carved out of 10K shimmering white gold. If you are looking for the type of earrings that are going to represent the best bang for your buck, these are THE ONES and the coolest thing about them? They will offer that million-dollar bridal look that leaves everyone in awe. These delightful stud earrings feature classic fine-jewelry materials of diamonds and gold for a refinement that is made to last. Each of the round center stones is 7.20mm wide and it is surrounded by a halo of small and undoubtedly subtle diamond accents. The earrings secure with sophisticated butterfly backings and will provide you with maximum comfort and pleasure while wearing them.



They say that the easiest way to turn heads and play up the glamorous vibe is to put on a dress with a deep V-neckline. And that, that is an absolute truth. A wedding dress with this particular neckline elongates a woman’s torso, thus enhancing her sex appeal just to the right extend. Wondering what could best complement the allure of your deep V-neckline bridal gown? Hmm, there is no better accompaniment than some modern, attention-drawing hook earrings, or in case you need a plan B, consider buying a pair of wedding-worthy crawlers. If you go “hooks” your will get pampered with immeasurable elegance and if you go “crawlers” your neck and collarbone will get accentuated with outstanding sparkle, thanks to their angular shape.

Our recommendation:

Diamond V-Hook Earrings in 10K Gold


white gold diamond V-hook earrings


Do you have an artistic way of showing your femininity and character? Is profundity the way you receive and give love? If the answer to both of these questions is “YES”, your deep V-neckline wedding dress would adore to be matched with these diamond earrings fashioned in a revolutionary V-hook design. This type of earrings will not only beautify your bridal look, but it is the ultimate choice for you to express your attitude and essence. All in all, these Kobelli earrings will undeniably delight you with 40 round diamonds glistening in a well-fastened pavé setting. They are labeled “10K white gold” of fine quality and will generously offer a completed ensemble of urbanity and utmost refinement.



Any dress with an illusion neckline is a one-of-a-kind view that makes one not want to take their eyes off it, even most renowned fashion critics admit that. Beautiful things always captivate the attention and evoke the urge of running after them until making them your possession; this is how the outrageous popularity of illusion neckline wedding dresses can be most picturesquely explained. The strongest attribute of the illusion neckline is adding more delicateness to the bride’s overall look, which is the perfect way to escape the simple and the ordinary. This wedding dress style usually features lace and beading elements, thus making the entire creation Elysian and more vintage-looking. That being said, illusion neckline wedding dresses are mostly preferred by women born with an “old soul” and Boho spirituality. Are you one of them? If so, get yourself a stunning pair of dangle halo earrings as soon as possible.

Our recommendation: 

Diamond Dangle Oval Halo Earrings in 10K White Gold


oval halo diamond dangle earrings

“Dangling halo” is the type of earrings that corresponds to the profile of the bride who wants to preserve the romantic feel behind her seductive style. “Dangling halo” is also the type of earrings for future brides dreaming of the clustered diamond magnificence that  leaves no one indifferent. These Kobelli jewels have been made with a triple halo of round diamonds, which are dazzling with spectacular fire and brilliance. With these earrings on you, there is no need to have extra lights while walking down the aisle in your beautiful illusion neckline dress, because you will be the most shining star that illuminates the whole event. Of course, you won’t be forgotten either. The earrings are meticulously crafted in 10K fine-quality white gold and are showcasing an enticing oval design supported by a collection of 142 pavé-set stones. This type of earrings is secured with high-end butterfly clasps.



You have definitely chosen a wedding dress with halter neckline, because it optimally exposes your flawless ten, didn’t you? Moreover, your nicely toned arms and shoulders are completely in love with it and so are you! Beyond a shadow of doubt, the halter neckline dress is one of the most unique wedding dress styles ever. Considering that, you need a pair of earrings with the same quality, don’t you agree? If we have to pick a one-of-a-kind type of earrings, that would certainly be a pair embellished with white freshwater pearls. Want to know how this jewelry creation looks like? Scroll down.

Our recommendation: 

White Freshwater Pearl Wispy Earrings in 14K White Gold


pearl drop earrings


Pearls have always been incredibly admired as a cultured gemstone option and accordingly, worldwide accepted as such. If pearl jewelry is your big-time passion, then you won’t have any arguments to not agree that this compelling pair of adorable silvery-white earrings is a great accessory for your out-of-the-register wedding dress. The smoothness of each of the two pearl gems can be felt with a simple touch, while your eyes will be thrilled with an immeasurable elegance. The fancy touch of this Kobelli jewelry creation is obtained by fastening the gems to an intricate and curvy dangle design made of 14K white gold, which is further glossified with high-polish finish. Adding splendor and exquisiteness to your special-occasion outfit with this type of earrings is never the wrong choice, especially when the outfit in question happens to be your forever-to-be-remembered halter neckline wedding dress.



You see yourself as a bride with timeless look and for this purpose, you picked a wedding dress with high collar to give you the regal elegance, as you wanted. Congratulations for making the right decision when it comes to the wedding-dress selection, but now there is another important decision waiting on you and that is to find the right type of earrings that will shoulder the look of your high collar dress. Since the high collar is already giving the dress an intense touch of power and ornateness, you will need to go for a dynamic, but less powerful earring style to not “overpower” or otherwise said, “ruin” your perfect bridal look. When collecting all this information and taking it into serious consideration, the type of earrings that matches with this particular description is “mini drop earrings”. If you have the opportunity to find a handsome pair of mini drop earrings with vintage vibe, seize it without a second of hesitation!

Our recommendation:

Black & White Round Diamond Earrings in 14K White Gold

round black and white diamond drop earrings

The black diamond is the synonym of diversity, so it is the high colar feature of your wedding dress, which means that you have the dream combination of bridal getup and fine bridal jewelry. The design of this black & white diamond earrings includes an infused message of magnetism that evokes a sense of Utopian chic and that is exactly what you are looking for, right? The round-cut black diamond centers are framed in a charming white-mooded halo that is featuring the cluster of the one and only, pavé setting. The earrings are entirely made out of 14K white gold and promote a total gemstone weight of 2.91 carats. The best thing about their black & white design is that they can be easily combined with different day-to-day outfit combinations, so there is quite a chance that they will become your all-time favorite fashion accessory after your wedding.



It is no secret that wedding dresses with a sweetheart neckline rock the bridal fashion world, now and forever – it is because they look lavish on the majority of body types. The heart-shaped neckline embodies both elegance and sex appeal, which is nothing, but a majestic combination to promote ultra femininity. Brides who already tied the knot with a sweetheart strapless wedding dress on them admit that they could not imagine any other getup to walk down the aisle with once they tried this one. Pair it with some elaborate chandeliers and you will be all set for the most special day in your life on which you will be radiating beauty, grace and sophistication in all senses, literally! Feel confident to pick a pair of chandeliers with bold gemstone colors or handcrafted artistic designs, because this exquisiteness will be well-balanced with the “nothingness” of your neck and shoulders.

Our recommendation:

Sapphire & Diamond Earrings in 18K White Gold

sapphire and diamond dangle earrings

Can you imagine this type of earrings shuttling on the red carpet, presented by our smoking hot Hollywood actresses? Of course you can, but remember that it is also a fantastic choice for your high-profile wedding where you will be playing the main role of an arresting bride. Sounds like the perfect scenario and this is exactly why you will seriously consider getting this sensational chandelier earrings for your bridal look that are proudly featuring the presence of sapphire and diamond. They are centered with dainty prong-set diamonds in asscher cut and haloed with crystal-white stones in the same shape-arrangement. Mixed with noteworthy royal blue notes along the entire design, these earrings promise to light up your fine-jewelry enthusiasm in a split second. Try it and prove it!



Wedding dresses with a straight strapless neckline are appreciated as the best solution for women with bigger chest, collarbone and shoulders, because not only they offer the desired comfort, but also the desired thrill-giving appeal. The horizontal neckline works good for both traditional and modern wedding dress designs, but if you want to create the utmost interest in your bridal attire, you should pair it with the “vertical drop” type of earrings. This option is fun, chic and most important of all, it will elongate your neck, which is the ultimate goal when wearing a straight strapless wedding dress.

Our recommendation:

Diamond Dangle Leaf Earrings in 10K Two-Tone Gold


diamond dangle leaf earrings in two tone gold

Out of the entire myriad of styles, this type of earrings is the fanciest solution to obtain a bit of “retro bridal” look, thanks to the vintage vibe incorporated into their leaf design. The truth is, leaf-shaped earrings is the type of earrings that goes as an excellent addition to any outfit layout, no matter if a day-to-day or some unique occasion, like your wedding. There are 6 beautiful round-brilliant diamonds on each earring, dazzling among intricate engravings and elaborate milgrain work that make this jewelry creation a genuine wearable art. The earrings secure with sophisticated, well-fastened leverback clasps and are crafted in 14K white gold.



Also known as the “Bardot” wedding dress, a dress with an off the shoulder neckline has been a popular choice of brides ever since the mid-nineteenth century. Usually, these gowns are designed with elaborate materials and motifs, which makes them being part of the so-called “haute couture” (high fashion). Their peculiarity is actually the horizontal neckline that runs across the figure, but slightly below the shoulders. The off the shoulder wedding dress is another huge classic and that is exactly how the bride will feel on HER day. Since the neckline is giving you plenty of space to experiment with different designs and colors, there are various options put at your disposal to pick a matching type of earrings, but the one we personally like the most is “gemstone studs”.

Our recommendation:

Blue Sapphire & Diamond Halo Stud Earrings in 14K Yellow Gold

round blue sapphire and diamond stud earrings

“Scrumptious” and “adorable” are the words we select to describe the one-off look of these yellow-gold earrings. Even at the very first look at them, there is no doubt that they belong to the type of earrings that once seen, they cannot be forgotten for a very, very long time. The central position of their design is taken by two compelling sapphire gems whose midnight blue color will set you in a “pleasantly unreal” state of mind. They will also enhance your bridal look with richness and a flair of nobility, by combining their stateliness with the inherent sparkle of 24 white diamonds arranged in the favored halo style. The sapphires gems are 7 mm wide x 7 mm long and they are featuring a center weight of 0.77 carats each.

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