What to Know If You Wear Your Engagement Ring Everyday

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What to Know If You Wear Your Engagement Ring Everyday

Your engagement ring is possibly one of the most important pieces of jewelry you currently have. Naturally, you’d want to wear it every day after your fiancé put it on your finger. It’s one of the best ways to show the world how much you’re in love! 


However, if you’re thinking about wearing your engagement ring daily, there are several things to consider. 


For one, how’s your everyday schedule? Do you perform rigorous work with your hands? Nothing can replace your engagement ring, and you don’t want it damaged. You might also need to remove accessories as you do your work. When you wear your engagement ring at the start of the day and remove it at the workplace, you might misplace it. Certainly, you don’t want it to get lost! 


You should also think about your safety. Not to scare you or anything, but diamond rings can attract thieves. If you regularly use public transportation and walk alone at night on empty or dark streets, it might be best not to wear anything too fancy, and that includes your engagement ring. 


 Aside from these scenarios, there are also other instances and venues where it’s advisable not to wear an engagement ring.

At the beach

If you’re going to the beach, it’s best to leave your engagement ring at home. When you wear your engagement ring to the beach, sand particles can find their way to the tiny gap between the diamond and the metal setting. The sand may loosen the stones in your ring. 


Furthermore, when you soak in the cold water, your fingers may shrink, and your ring will become loose. It might fall off without you noticing. It’s practically impossible to find a ring in the ocean or sand, and saltwater may also corrode non-gold metals.

At the gym

Doing some cardio exercises with your engagement ring on will not do any harm. However, if you’re planning to lift weights, then you should remove your ring. The pressure of the bar against your engagement band can easily make it bend. 


If your engagement band has stones around it, the bar will scratch it, and as the band bends, the stones might fall.

In the shower

Soap, shampoo, and other cleansing and beauty products can leave a cloudy residue or buildup on your ring’s stone. Worse, under the stone which is very difficult to clean. Take off your ring before you hit the shower and do not wear it again until you’re done applying your beauty products and makeup if any.

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In the pool or hot tub

Similar to when you take a dip at the beach, your ring might fall off when your fingers shrink upon prolonged dipping in the water. It’s easier to find a ring at the bottom of the pool or tub, but that is if the ring hasn’t gone through the holes and drains. 


Furthermore, the chemicals in the water, particularly chlorine, can damage and discolor your ring.

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