What Are The Jewelry Trends For Winter 2018/2019?

For the real fashion enthusiast, every season counts in terms of embracing it with all the novelties, which are so important in creating a fabulous up-to-the-minute look. And what a better place to discover what is hot and trendy in the epic world of jewelry than the runway? Fashion weeks in NY, London, Paris and Milan are the most relevant sources to get inspired; in the last couple of months, they have been presenting us what the jewelry trends for this winter season are going to be. So, here is a reminder for each and every one of you who did not have the opportunity to stay in the know.



For some, combining the magnetism of two completely different earring designs seems nuts, but for others, it is utterly appealing and fashionable. Perfect for eccentrics whose priority is to set themselves apart from the crowd, wearing contrasting earrings will be one of the hottest jewelry trends this winter.


wodel with azure blue eyes wearing mismatching dangle earrings


Do you know what is the best thing about this fashion concept? You do not have to spend your precious time, money and energy on jewelry shopping, you just need to take a look in your box of jewels and take the first two contrasting earrings that will come at hand. Mix and match them the best way you can and you are ready to break the stereotypes. By following this trend, you have the opportunity to  put up a divergent show that is worth watching. Be bold and accept the challenge. After all, looking a bit “weird” is not going to hurt anybody, right?


Lock jewelry is nothing new, but wearing large keys as statement-making accessories is . Yellow gold is totally “IN” when it comes to key pendants and jewelry trends, although they can be crafted and ornamented with other materials too, such as silver, stainless steel and precious/semi-precious gems. This trend reminds of the typical hip-hop styling with thick gold chains and stuff, but in a slightly different way. It was introduced to the fashion industry by Marc Jacobs and Maison Margiela, two renowned fashion houses characterized by their unrivaled taste in luxury and singularity.

blonde model wearing lock jewelry

Although it seems as if wearing massive keys and locks came out of the blue, the truth is, people love it! And that is why it is going to be rocking on the streets this winter like a great addition to a one-of-a-kind Christmas-jewelry fairytale. Metallic, shiny key and lock pieces can be worn separately or together, depending on how much “too much” is for you. Match them with some handsome denim or scarf piece and you are ready to spark like a real fashion star.


Lately, the Eastern culture has been having a great influence on the jewelry trends and for designers, it is an exceptional challenge to fit the Eastern designs into the Western fashion world and create something mind-blowing and unforgettable. One such example are hand bracelets that have shown a completely new way of wearing this type of jewelry.

gigi hadid in red jacket wearing hand bracelet

Long and richly decorated, these hand bracelets are twisted around the thumb and in most designs, they continue being wrapped all along the fingers. This way, a woman’s hand gets full of supreme elegance, which is the right thing to display on special occasions, like gala nights, art exhibitions, fashion shows, evening parties and whenever you feel like you want to look “artfully twisted”. To achieve the effect of charming chic, accessorize your hand bracelet with an oversize ring and a fancy clutch bag. Top designers’  hand bracelets are made out of metal wires, leather and ropes. Yes, you have read it right – ropes.




Graceful and tender, pearls are surely the most sophisticated old-school jewelry that has been successfully boosting a lady’s femininity with centuries. But, guess what? They are also a part of the jewelry trends predicted for the 2017/2018 winter season, so you can freely go back to the dusty rustic jewelry box you have been keeping in the attic. Remodeled and enhanced with modernistic vibes, latest collections of pearl jewelry feature quite unusual graphic designs which are nothing to be compared to the princess designs from the past.

model wearing long round pearl drop earrings

The message carried by 21-st century pearls is: “the bigger the better”. Therefore, fashion runways have been presenting us giant dangle earrings, cuff bracelets and necklaces layered with extra gemstone magnificence. Now, it is time to make them a part of your wintry look, of course, only if you love the beauty of pearls unquestionably and wholeheartedly. Pearls are often used as clothing/shoe décor, so it is quite easy to combine one such piece with a jewelry adornment of the same kind, which will create a unified, cultivated look.




It seems like the innovative designs of fashion and jewelry houses does not stop here; next on the list of jewelry trends for winter 2017/2018 are letter necklaces. Mostly featuring large sizes, they are the right accessories for those looking for something meaningful and versatile. Let’s explain each of these characteristics. The first one means that you can find a letter necklace that spells a particular word you like or carries a single letter that is of a personal significance to you.

smiling woman wearing M letter necklace

The other one, versatility, means that there is a wide range of outfit options to combine a letter necklace with, actually, we wonder if there is anything that this accessory cannot be matched with. Some people even find them romantic, so here is another reason to get “dressed in letters” this festive season. If anyone thinks that the fact you are wearing a massive letter necklace is an egocentric or selfish expression of yourself, it is going to be their problem, not yours. Because you won’t care, will you?


Is there a better way for your edgy look to confront the cold weather than with hot, sparkly gems? The answer is “absolutely not”.  And by “sparkly gems” we do not only refer to diamonds, which are obviously the most brilliant precious stones on the planet, but colored gems as well, such as sapphire, amethyst, citrine, turquoise and emerald. That is why they are a must-have in all jewelry trends, including the ones for this stylish winter. These stones look outstandingly shiny when nestled in metallic settings, especially in high-polished white gold. Another huge advantage about precious and semi-precious gems is that they can perfectly fit any type of jewelry, whether a ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings.

model with ponytail wearing sparkly diamond jewelry

They are all ready to party and lit the stage with their star-studded brilliance without any restriction. For instance, your gorgeous evening dress in a V-neck style would love being complemented with an opulent diamond or moissanite necklace that will set on fire your elegance and accentuate your presence wherever you are. Other fantastic options to consider are gemstone tassel earrings or some elaborate ear cuffs that will catch the most out of attention. Chandelier earrings are also making a comeback for this year’s winter jewelry trends, bringing along the funky vibes of the 1970s. They are nothing, but the right accessories for clubbing or celebrating high-spirited moments, like Christmas and New Year’s Eve.




While most of us were thinking that choker necklaces will not return on the world’s fashion scene, jewelry trends surprised us once again, they are back and in a real big beauty queen style! Just like pearl jewelry, they have proved us that no matter what, they will never go out of style. Well, at least not until the present day. The classic choker is flashy, snazzy and eye-catching, which makes it the very first thing you notice at the woman wearing it.

model wearing a pair of choker necklaces

Jewelry trends for this winter are introducing many updated designs of choker necklaces, among which twin chokers, chain chokers and wavy chokers as the most promising ones. A little reminder - chokers lived their golden years during the 1990s and they were women’s most popular choice for an everyday accessory. Today’s chokers are made with an upgraded level of ornateness and significantly increased dimensions and elegance.




You are born for this specific style if the popular “less is more” expression does not apply to you. But, let’s make things clear; “multiple rings” is not the same as “stackable rings”. To explain, multiple rings means wearing one ring on each finger, whereas stackable rings means wearing more rings on one finger. Do you get the difference? When it comes to multiple ring designs for the current jewelry trends, there are some that are truly astonishing; nature-themed and geometric-shaped fashion rings are among the most powerful attention seekers, so if you are triggered to follow this trend, consider any of these two alternatives.

woman sitting while wearing different types of jewelry

Multiple rings gained incredible popularity and importance in the jewelry and fashion world ever since they have been introduced in a women’s collection by Dior. They are not just perfect for winter outfits, but all the other seasonal clothing too. Simply said, you can wear them anytime you want to feel supremely refined and sophisticated. Oh, we forgot – unique too.




Talismanic jewelry has never been as present in jewelry trends as it is today and it is all thanks to the unified initiative of world’s leading names in the fashion industry to show the mysterious flair of jewelry. Prada, Gucci, Christian Dior and Chanel, we all know them very well, don't we?

brunette model with long hair wearing talismanic jewelry

Historically seen, talismanic pieces were used as amulets of good luck, but today, they are referred to as free-spirited jewelry option, which by any means, will stand out in the crowd. They are the best evidence that a bit of intrigue and mystery is always good and the most important thing about them? They won’t leave anyone indifferent. Perfect for those who are ready to upgrade their look with an off-register piece.




This is definitely a specific style and it cannot be followed if you do not appreciate it personally. However, it is a fact that the recent jewelry trends, including the ones for this season include the presence of punk – themed pieces. Black leather chokers, septum and lip piercings, safety pins and bizarre accessories like razor pendants are a few of the remarkable representatives of this fashion style.

Safety Pin Earrings

Of course, a Mohawk hairstyle and a dark matte lipstick are more than recommended to accentuate the peculiarity of punk culture. “Dare to be different and impress with your divergence”, that is what punk-spirited jewelry screams in all directions.




A few months ago, the main fashion capitals on Earth announced that this winter is going to be all about presenting imperfection in the perfect way. The concept was immediately accepted by fashion and jewelry houses and the competition about who is going to introduce the most extraordinary designs officially started. From rocky cuff bracelets to volcanic hoop earrings, we have seen a lot so far.

Uneven Geometric Silver Cuff Bracelet

Twisted and uneven designs are the embodiment of imperfection and they are loved for being authentic , yet not exaggerating. Origami earrings and snake-like bracelets are the two emerging futuristic styles to take into consideration.




Jewelry trends for winter 2018/2019 prepared a very, very special surprise for the admirers of fine jewelry craftsmanship – they implemented the magnificence of brooches. Since forever, the brooch has been treasured as the signature accessory of the refined lady who always chooses to show off her inner elegance. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the flamboyance of flora and fauna is the biggest inspiration for crafting statement-making brooches colored in anything to your liking.

woman in white loose dress with two brooches

Don't overwhelm yourself that these adornments are murky and old-fashioned, because they are not. In fact, brooches are the smartest alternative to heirloom jewelry that never loses its beauty and significance. Even female celebrities, such as Victoria Beckham, Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, Freida Pinto, Selma Hayek and Emma Stone cannot resist their exclusive charm, so if you want to keep it simple and classy, pick a brooch now.

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