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Wedding Bands For Women: How To Pick The Perfect One?

Princess Diamond Wedding Band For Women in Rose Gold

Choosing a ring to exchange vows with is as delicate as choosing an engagement one, that is for sure. A future bride puts the same amount of time and effort in finding the best match for her proposal ring, while having at the back of her mind a reminder of how much she can spend on this purchase. To make things a little bit easier, we have rounded up the steps that, if precisely followed, will take you to “The One”. Dear future brides, this is Kobelli’s ultimate guide to buying wedding bands for women

Step No. 1 – THINK AHEAD

The quest starts with these two principal questions:

What is the bride’s style?

What is the engagement ring’s style?

The answers will narrow down the selection and make clear if you should look for diamonds or gemstones, curved or edgy contours, platinum or gold. There are three main style categories – classic, modern and vintage. Your task is to decide which one you belong to. The most important thing of all is to take it one step at a time. Once you have the basics, you can start envisioning the wedding band of your dreams. Remember that a wedding band should always complement the design of the engagement ring, as both pieces are meant to be worn together. Sometimes, they are called “bands to match”.

Notice: If you decide to combine different metal colors, you have to pay attention to the color, cut and setting. For example, if the engagement ring has side pavé stones, then the wedding band should also have them as part of its design.

Milgrain Framed Forever One Moissanite Ring in 14K White Gold


To avoid the stress and pressure of last-minute bridal jewelry shopping, one of the basic rules says: “Start the quest at least two months before the big day.” This is especially important if shopping online or having a custom design in mind. Also, do not forget that the offer of wedding bands for women on today’s marketplace is anything, but scarce. That being said, you will need some time to browse and compare not just designs, but also prices. You certainly do not want to miss some tremendous discounts or promotions that major retailers often surprise their customers with, do you?


Generally, the wedding bands for both spouses take approximately 3% of the entire wedding budget. According to the statistics, the average cost of a wedding band made of 14K white gold is $800, while a platinum wedding band comes at an average price of $1,000. Of course, additional features, such as the elaborateness of the design, the cut, clarity and carat size of the stones, also play an important role in defining the ring’s total cost.

As mentioned earlier, every bride is aware of the maximum amount she can spend on her bridal jewelry. Your goal is to find the wedding band that satisfies your preferences for as low as possible. Do not push yourself to the limit as long as you have minimum 5 budget-proof options at your disposal. Act smart and save something extra for your upcoming honeymoon. Sounds like a really good idea, right?

Chevron Marquise Point Diamond Ring in 14K Yellow Gold

Chevron Marquise Point Diamond Ring in 14K Yellow Gold



Wedding bands for women are made to serve as tokens of unbounded love, loyalty and devotion. Their designs, on the other hand, entail the importance to choose the one that will ideally suit the bride’s lifestyle. So, if your everyday includes playing sports or maybe an instrument, then you definitely should look for a slim, comfort-fit ring with low-set stones and soft, round edges. You do not want to lose or scratch your wedding band either, so if you are a hyperactive woman – go platinum. Platinum is the most durable metal of all, it is scratch-resistant and hypoallergenic, thus allowing to be worn in extreme conditions without any risk of damage. The only drawback is the fact that platinum is the most expensive metal on the jewelry market, meaning that it is not suitable for everyone’s budget.

In addition to lifestyle, you also need to check the maintenance requirements of the ring you are planning to buy. Usually, the most desired wedding bands for women are those that can be cleaned at home. The common cleaning method is performed by using mild, soapy water and a soft toothbrush. It helps remove the trapped dirt between the stones and edges, and at the same time, it makes the ring look sparkling clean.

Notice: To ensure how to properly clean and maintain your wedding band, consult with the retailer you bought if from before performing any action on your own.

Step No. 5 – GET A GOOD FIT

Since the wedding band is one of those essential jewelry pieces that you will, hopefully, wear for the rest of your life, it is important to size it right. Most brides rarely take off their wedding rings, meaning that their fingers are exposed to different weather conditions during the whole year. The heat causes swelling, while the cold makes the fingers shrink. Therefore, your wedding band has to be the right size in order to sustain all these changes. One of the tips for properly sizing wedding bands for women, is to not consider the size of the finger in the morning (because the body retains water from the night before) or after a workout (because there is an increased blood circulation in the body). In both cases, the fingers are a bit swollen and do not give the correct measurements for a comfort-fit wedding band.

Round Brilliant Eternity Moissanite Wedding Band for Women in 14K Rose Gold

Round Brilliant Eternity Moissanite Wedding Band in 14K Rose Gold


Any reputable and experienced retailer stands behind the authenticity and quality of their products. Unfortunately, due to the “unlimited” offer of wedding bands for women, there are a lot of scams happening in the online jewelry market, mainly when it comes to the originality of the piece. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to figure out which site you will entrust your credit card details. Our advice is to always turn to retailers with a proven experience, supported with positive feedback and customer reviews.

Need more ideas for a fashionable and cost-effective wedding band? Check out 5 extraordinary Kobelli wedding bands for women!



Contoured Diamond Wedding Band in 14K White Gold


Contoured Diamond Wedding Band in 14K White Gold


This Kobelli band combines diamonds with curved lines for a smooth, contemporary look that is guaranteed to stun. It is designed to match a traditional round-cut diamond engagement ring that features the same curves and white-gold shine. Wrap up the bridal excitement with 23 stones that are ready to party and give you the most of their starry brilliance.

Bookmark on Google Android 9.0 Price: $176.00



Round Diamond Wedding Band with Square Outline in 14K Rose Gold


Round Diamond Wedding Band For Women With Square Outline

The first thing to say when seeing this gorgeous band is that it resembles a flower picked from an Elysian garden. So, what is the formula? It is combining shape and color in the perfect way. Seven round diamonds with icy-white hue are set into square milgrain boxes in vibrant rose gold of 14 precious carats. Designed for comfortable and pleasurable wear.

Bookmark on Google Android 9.0 Price: $225.00



Milgrain Diamond & Sapphire Wedding Band in 14K White Gold


Milgrain Diamond and Sapphire Wedding Band in 14K White Gold

Small precious gems look endlessly charming, especially if they marry two or more different colors. For instance, nothing can beat the striking “icy-whiteness” of diamonds and “royal blueness” of sapphires, as you can it yourself in this vintage design. Milgrain wedding bands for women are some of the most intricate to craft, but the results are always beyond words. Another one-of-a-kind feature offered by this wedding band are patterned round and pear shapes that add more exquisiteness to the high-polished white-gold base.

Bookmark on Google Android 9.0 Price: $189.00



Kobelli V-Edge Solid Wedding Band in 14K Yellow Gold

Kobelli V Edge Solid Wedding Band For Women in 14K Yellow Gold

There are brides who want to express both their style and character with the wedding band they will exchange vows with. This one in particular was made for this unique purpose. The soft V-edge brings character to the classic yellow-gold band without using extra frills from patterned textures. The entire piece exhibits simplicity and elegance, thanks to the beautiful linear symmetry enhanced with high-polish glow.

Bookmark on Google Android 9.0 Price: $199.00



Round Diamond Petite Wedding Band in 14K White Gold


 Round Diamond Petite Wedding Band in 14K White Gold


Wedding bands for women that stand for delicately experienced craftsmanship are easy to recognize and hard to resist. The delight is even bigger if the band can be paired with any engagement ring, as long as it features the same metal color. This mesmerizing piece counts 21 prong-set diamonds, each of them styled in the ever-classic round brilliant cut.

Bookmark on Google Android 9.0 Price: $248.00


If there is anything else you would like to know about the shopping adventure called “wedding bands for women”, do not hesitate to reach out to our team that will promptly respond to all your questions. Thank you for stopping by!


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