Trend Alert: Are Black Diamond Bridal Sets The New Fancy?

Okay, let’s be honest – everyone feels good wearing hot and trendy pieces, no matter if it is a question of clothing or jewelry. That is true, right? Speaking of truths, it is inevitable to say that black diamond bridal sets are in high gear this wedding season, which is the reason why we decided to dedicate a special article to them and reveal their real beauty and significance. Stay tuned, quite an engaging content is on the way!


What are black diamonds?

Black diamonds, also known as “carbonados”, are an exclusive diamond variety that is naturally found in alluvial deposits. There is another scientific theory according to which black diamonds are extraterrestrial gems coming from outer space. Fascinating, isn’t it? The reasonable explanation given is that the chemical composition of black diamonds includes traces of hydrogen and nitrogen, which are present in high amounts in the universe. Therefore, the belief that these spectacular stones came to Earth as a result of a supernova explosion. So, what is the right thing to believe in? Not sure to tell, because these facts have not been officially confirmed. But, what we certainly know is that the poly-crystalline structure of black diamonds makes them incredibly saturated in color. They look equally majestic and mesmerizing in diamond jewelry as in gemstone jewelry.


Oval-Cut Black and White Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K Rose Gold

Cushion-Cut Black & White Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K Rose Gold

A curse or a blessing?

Both connotations are related to the existence of these gems, which is consequently transmitted to the craftsmanship of black diamond bridal sets, so the ultimate question is: “Should women wear them or not?” They way black diamonds are perceived and accepted depends quite a lot on culture itself. For example, back in history, ancient Indians feared them, as they associated them with the snake’s eye, which in their culture represented evil. Italians, on the other hand, cherish black diamonds as a blessing and a symbol of good fortune, so it is quite obvious why black diamond bridal sets are popular on the Italian diamond wedding jewelry scene. To discover more about the different meanings of black diamonds, click here.


Are there world-famous black diamonds?

Of course there are. One of the most significant black diamond discoveries is The Black Orlov, a gorgeous 195-carat stone that was cut into a 67.50-carat faceted black and white diamond brooch. It was discovered in India (19th century) when it was originally named The Eye of Brahma Diamond. Other popular black diamonds are The Black Star of Africa, The Korloff Noir and The Gruosi Diamond.



Kobelli’s best-selling black diamond bridal sets



Three-Stone Black & White Diamond Bridal Set in 14K White Gold 


Three-Stone Black Diamond Bridal Set with White Diamonds in 14K White Gold


Designed for the bold and those who are not afraid to make a statement, this fantastic bridal set is here to draw people’s gaze with 25 stones in black ‘n’ white mood. The engagement ring is a three-stone centerpiece ornamented with 8 additional diamond accents that are aesthetically arranged in pavé fashion. The complementary wedding band features the same pavé look, thus creating a complete bridal ring set that meets the standards of refinement and of course, timelessness. Each of the stones is fashioned in the classic round brilliant cut to make it exhibit surreal amounts of fire and brilliance. No woman ever said that she is not satisfied by its remarkable presence on the finger, neither will you if you decide to make it THE jewelry to exchange vows with.

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 Round Brilliant Black & White Diamond Bridal Set in 14K White Gold 


Round Brilliant Black and White Diamond Bridal Set in 14K White Gold


Thousands times it has been proven that no other precious gem has a more stately appearance than the centrally-mounted black diamond. That is why most designs of black diamond bridal sets feature it on the central position to help women make a big splash with one simple adornment. The 0.75-carat gem in question is gracefully mounted in a basic four-prong setting that ensures it with optimal security and brilliance. Four round white diamonds are added to enhance the engagement’s ring sparkle, introducing at the same time the identical look of the 6-stoned wedding band. Both pieces are made out of 14K white gold finished with silky polish that evokes a roller coaster of emotions when one lays eye on this vintage-inspired bridal set. Now you understand why white gold is one the most popular jewelry metals for bridal jewelry.

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 Princess-Cut Black & White Diamond Bridal Set in 14K White Gold 

Princess-Cut Black and White Diamond Bridal Set in 14K White Gold


A bride that wants to look unique, first has to feel unique. And this special feeling can be offered by a genuine jewelry masterpiece like this one, which has reserved its honored place in our collection of black diamond bridal sets. Sincerely, is there a way to not fall for its excellence? The main responsible for its utterly elegant appeal are 22 prong-set diamonds flawlessly cut in princess and round shape. Three of them are high-mounted in an attention-seeking princess-cut style, five other are arranged in a row-like fashion, while the rest is the dominating part held by sumptuous round-cut black diamonds. Both the engagement ring and the complementary wedding band are crafted in 14K white gold, which our masterclass artisans additionally embellished with delicate engravings to create a dreamlike fine jewelry creation.

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Round-Cut Halo Black & White Diamond Bridal Set in 14K White Gold


Round-Cut Halo Black Diamond Bridal Set with White Diamonds in 14K White Gold


Whoever feels ready to tell their incredible love story with a rule breaking diamond bridal set - this is the one to go for. Its biggest perks? It has the power to play up a glamorous vibe to which any woman is exceptionally proud of. Moreover, its enthralling white-gold aura leaves the impression as if the whole world stops when in its surrounding. Kobelli artisans embellished it with an eye-popping round-cut black diamond with half a carat weight. It plays the central role in its design and a sparkly collection of 52 white accent stones knitted in an aesthetic French pavé fashion. Black diamond bridal sets of this kind could never be held in low regard – a fact to be 100% sure of.

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Three-Stone Black & White Diamond Bridal Set in 14K White Gold 


Three-Stone Black Diamond Bridal Set with Round White Diamonds in 14K White Gold


Many Bohemian ladies think that this is a lust-worthy bridal set, which we take as a seriously flattering characteristic to make this creation stand out of the rest black diamond bridal sets in our collection. So, let’s see what the buzz is about. Three central round-cut stones with outstanding color grades are having their moments of glory in a sophisticated prong mounting, while an assembly of 42 stones create a genuine light show on three separate bands – an engagement ring and two matching wedding bands. The entire set is made in 14K fine-quality white gold finished with high polish for an enhanced glistening appearance. Once put on the finger, it leaves no one indifferent thanks to the miscellany of diamonds that twinkle delicately in absolutely all directions.

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