This Is The History Behind Your Art Deco Wedding Set

The Art Deco style is a trend that is enjoying high reputation in fashion and jewelry, because it combines modern and classic elements in the most sumptuous way possible. Hence, the reason why its popularity never fades away and also the reason that you have picked an arresting Art Deco wedding set to tie the knot with. Looking at a nicely crafted piece of Art Deco jewelry gives us an insight into this exceptional era and the freedom to imagine how funky, yet serious Art Deco artisans were. If you want to learn something new and interesting about this particular style, this is the right place to be. You will be looking in a different way at your bridal jewelry after reading this article, that is for sure.



Art Deco designs are heavily geometric and they feature a distinct, sleek look that makes any Art Deco wedding set a class by itself.  When it has to be described, most jewelry experts say that Art Deco blends the best of everything. By “everything”, they refer to stunning design, finest materials and amazing workmanship.

Art Deco started a revolution in the perception of how things should look like. In other words, it was a direct threat towards the Art Nouveau style that was flourishing in the period between 1890 and 1910. It was the first time when bright, vivid colors gain such importance. The message carried by any Art Deco element, whether a piece of cloth, jewelry or architecture was optimism, vitality and buoyancy. Simply said, Art Deco designs were, are and will continue to be considered pure work of art. They include geometric shapes, such as squares, rectangles, triangles and circles reminiscent of nature (flora and fauna) and other living things.


Bezel Radiant Cut Moissanite and Diamond Art Deco Wedding Set

Radiant Moissanite & Diamond Art Deco Wedding Set



We all know that besides New York, the world’s second fashion capital is Paris, which is exactly where the origins of Art Deco come from. It all began from the celebrated “Exposition International des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes” that was held in Paris in 1925. The purpose of the exposition was to put an emphasis on modern art and industry. The development of the Art Deco style was inspired by the Oriental, South American and African culture, which had been greatly influential during that period. Locating the famous Tutankhamun's tomb in Egypt (1922), African masks and Pharaonic motifs (scarabs, lotuses, sphinxes and Horus the falcon god) are just some of the sources of the Art Deco establishment.

The Art Deco revolution, it was at its highest peak during the 1930s and the second remarkable moment of glory took place in the middle of the 1980s. In jewelry history, these are called “The Golden Years”, which were a picture-perfect display of taste, money and talent.



The end of the First World War (1914 – 1918) caused a lot of changes in the way women dress, behave and feel about themselves. For most people, especially men, it was a real shock to see them not going back to their rustic, pre-war garments that covered much of their bodies; instead, they started wearing pieces introduced by Coco Chanel and Paul Poiret that featured straight lines and enhanced elegance, thus making the woman’s silhouette more free and more exposed at the same time.

These garments allowed them to start participating in sports and leisure, including tennis, golf, yachting and driving. The role of magazines was very significant in those times as well. They were indicating what women should wear, how to furnish their homes, etc.  It is of the utmost importance to mention that during the Art Deco era, women started wearing makeup, treating themselves with alcoholic drinks and cigarettes and going to bars and night clubs where they could dance from dusk till dawn. This way of living first emerged in France and it continued spreading on an European and global level.


Forever One Moissanite Art Deco Wedding Set with Diamonds

Forever One Moissanite & Diamond Art Deco Wedding Set


Famous Parisian jewelry stores concentrated their work on crafting breathtaking adornments that had never been seen before on the market. These artisans were not afraid nor scarce in using precious gems, such as diamonds, aquamarines, sapphires, rubies and emeralds to give a special accent to their geometrically-shaped creations that often included unusual cuts. Half-moon, trapeze and triangle cuts were some of the most eccentric ones. Wide bracelets, large brooches and long earrings were on the top of the scale of most demanded jewelry. In addition, read a word or two about the most remarkable characteristics of each type of Art Deco jewelry.



Opulent, large metal surfaces embellished with a medley of gemstones is the most relevant description of rings designed in Art Deco style. And you will agree that this exactly the same description that suits your Art Deco wedding set, right? These rings were centered with a precious stone in an “en cabochon” mood, meaning that it had a flat, domed top.

Generally, the center gem was surrounded by smaller stones that contributed in giving the entire piece a flair of richness. Back then, a ring’s shank would often be made out of ivory or rock crystal and today, there are many other materials that jewelry artisans have at their disposal.  As for bands, they were bedecked with many gems and were worn in stack in most cases.


Art Deco Radiant-Cut Diamond 3-Piece Wedding Set

Radiant-Cut Diamond Art Deco Wedding Set


Wider strap bracelets are typical Art Deco jewelry, mostly because of their Egyptian roots displayed by the geometric links and the definite pattern of gemstones.  The interesting thing about bracelets is that the Art Deco period made armillas, manchettes and cuff designs to be in vogue again. The size of bracelets was progressively changing as time was passing by in terms that they were designed bigger and more opulent.


Necklaces & Pendants

Long necklaces called “sautoirs” represented the typical Art Deco necklace and they usually featured a geometric pendant. These adornments were designed with long strands of gems knotted around the neck. Their primary function was to accentuate the style of the dress that the woman is wearing. Pearls were the most common gems used in Art Deco necklace designs, because they could easily match any type of skin and could be worn on both daily and evening occasions. Riviers were replaced with impressive bib necklaces that featured large sapphires, emeralds, rubies and diamonds.



Much to your surprise, wearing a pair of earrings with a heavily geometric look accentuates a woman’s femininity like no other jewelry adornment. Yes, even more than your adorable Art Deco wedding set. Most of the Art Deco earrings are still designed in dangle style, thus being a truly powerful accessory for the lady with a short hairstyle. They are perfect to accessorize with straight, short, low-cut dresses too. The one-of-a-kind beauty of these earrings is that they are ornamented with various diamond cuts that make them look like jewelry masterpieces, which, in fact, they are.




The answer is simple – if you want to have a break from the ordinary and are tempted to savor the beauty of fine jewelry in a more delicate way, you should look for an Art Deco wedding set.  Another typical trait of the lady who is passionate about Art Deco jewelry is boldness, accompanied with a strong drive of showcasing authenticity. Briefly said, wearing an Art Deco wedding set requires to not be afraid to take your jewelry-wearing practice to new heights which you have never aimed for before. So, how does your dear Art Deco wedding set feel on your fourth finger now? Even more precious and beautiful, doesn’t it?


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