This Is The 5-Step Guide To Buying A Moissanite Wedding Band

5 Stone Moissanite Wedding Band in 14K Rose Gold

It is almost “wedding o’clock” and you still haven't found the wedding ring you will exchange vows with. At least, you know that it is going to feature the one-of-a-kind moissanite magic, because you are impressed by this gem’s sparkle that is taking the breath away with every move. Get ready to learn how a novice should be buying a moissanite wedding band.



One of the few things you certainly know about moissanite rings is that they radiate an extraordinary sparkle that cannot be compared with any other gemstone on the planet. Yes, this also includes diamond, because the refractive index of moissanite is 2.65, which is, so far, the highest refractive index of any precious stone in gemology. Obviously, the higher the RI, the more lustrous the jewel and this is exactly what moissanite takes most pride in.

Following are the 4C’S of moissanite, each of them explained respectively.


Round Brilliant Eternity Moissanite Wedding Band in 14K White Gold

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Cut does not only refer to the shape of the gem, but also its proportions, symmetry and polish. The cut is basically, the crucial factor that determines the degree of luster and brilliance of the gem. Generally, the flawless-looking moissanite is hand-faceted. This way, all the attributes that make it different from similar gems, like white sapphire, can be accentuated and easily perceived by the observer. Moissanite wedding bands are commonly styled in the round brilliant cut, although fancy cuts cannot be excluded as well.



The two main categories in which moissanite can be found are colorless and near-colorless. These two classifications further include:

  Forever Classic (J-K) color grading

  Forever One (D-E-F) color grading

  Forever Brilliant (G-H-I) color grading

For example, a moissanite gemstone with G-H-I color grade has an icy-white hue, while the one with a D-E-F color grade will lit the room with an out-of-this-world fiery sparkle. No matter the particular color grade, the most important thing you need to remember as a future buyer is that the color of moissanite never fades away.



Moissanite’s capacity for displaying captivating vitreous look scores very high, according to the official clarity grading reports. Therefore, in any design of a wedding band moissanite comes as “clean” or “eye clean”, meaning that no visible inclusions/blemishes can be detected with the naked eye. A common misconception is that the cut affects the clarity grade. That is absolutely not true. So, the myth is finally busted!



Unlike the other precious stones whose carat weight is measured and expressed in carats (CTW), the weight of moissanite is commonly measured in millimeters (mm). These are the most popular moissanite sizes on the market:

  6.0mm - 0.80 ct

  6.5mm - 1.00 ct

  7.0mm - 1.20 ct

  7.5mm - 1.50 ct

There is another (5th) element that holds a great significance to the evaluation of moissanite. It is called CONSCIENCE. This gemstone stands for ethical, conflict-free purchase that does not endanger the natural sources or has a negative impact on the environment. This means that your future moissanite wedding band will offer you a piece of mind and 100% enjoyment while wearing it.

Five Stone Round Brilliant Moissanite Wedding Band in 14K Yellow Gold

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You cannot make the most of your selection without being previously informed about the diversity of shapes your moissanite wedding band can feature. According to the polls, women are more interested in round and cushion cuts, while men are more attracted by the rectangular cuts, such as emerald and radiant. The other major factor that plays a role in choosing a moissanite shape is the style of the band itself.

Next, we present you the moissanite wedding band styles that are in high gear nowadays.



Eternity bands (diamond or moissanite) are distinctive for being entirely bedecked with stones of the same shape and size. Thus, they form a full circle that covers the finger with a great amount of sparkle. The symbolic meaning of eternity wedding bands is associated with unbounded true love, hence the reason why the “moissanite eternity” is desired for bridal jewelry. Most eternity moissanite wedding bands are designed with round-cut gems, although custom designs are pretty common too, especially for those who want to skip the traditional look.



The modern jewelry designs have shown that diamond rings with out-of-the-scheme lines are getting more and more accepted by consumers. This has encouraged jewelers to start crafting wedding bands that entirely complement the curves of these special-edition rings. This is how contoured wedding bands came into existence and guess what, they look pretty awesome! For example, if you have an asymmetrical engagement ring in 14K white gold, it is most probable that you need a matching contoured wedding band for a complete bridal set.



Plain metal bands have been around forever and they are most likely to stay around for that long. Simply said, this is the most classic jewelry design, often related to the notions of “tradition” and “timelessness”. When it comes to moissanite wedding bands, the most common metal choices of consumers are platinum, yellow, rose and white gold. The demand for two-tone bands, which are made of two or more different metals, is also manifesting a rise in popularity on the market.


Rose Gold Moissanite Wedding Band and Classic Ring

Moissanite Wedding Band & Classic Ring in 14K Rose Gold



We just talked about the precious metals in which moissanite wedding bands are mostly designed and purchased. Now it is time to say a word or two about their main characteristics.

Let’s start with white gold. The shiny, silvery appearance of this metal is incredibly sought-after, because when a white-gold band is given a high-polish finish, the entire piece shines like a dazzling star. Moreover, white gold promotes another big advantage, this time from a financial standpoint; it is the cheapest alternative to platinum, known as the most expensive precious metal on the planet.

Yellow gold wins the heart with its warm hue, which is considered “ever-classic”.  As you can already imagine, a yellow-gold moissanite wedding band is more likely to be purchased by a bride-to-be with a traditional taste, rather than a non-conformist spirit.

Last but not least, rose gold. The precious pink hue is one of the newest trends in jewelry and has quickly built a reputation of a metal that ensures femininity and sophistication. Rose gold is stylish, durable and affordable  - the trio of reasons that make women go crazy about it.



You might have thought that choosing between the most popular jewelry metals is hard. The truth is, it will turn out a piece of cake in comparison with the selection of the setting. There is a broad range of settings to choose from, each good or bad for particular reasons. The top three settings for moissanite wedding bands are:



A moissanite gemstone of any carat, especially a larger one, looks brilliantly beautiful in a halo setting. The halo works like an aura of small, glistening stones, usually round pavé and round micro pavé. The function of the halo stones is to add more brilliance to the center stone and make it more captivating for the viewer. The ultimate advantage of buying a halo moissanite wedding band is to enhance your style with a bigger bauble for your buck.



Three-stone rings are not just delightful, they are also a great way to create a pulled-together look. The story behind the three-stone design is called “love, fidelity and friendship”. In a symbolic way, it stand for a strong and healthy relationship. The three-stone setting looks great with both colorless and colored gems. This setting is also seen as an embodiment of the past, the present and the future. Three-stone bands usually feature a larger stone in the middle, which can be of the same type and shape like the other two, or different. Beyond doubt, it is a statement-making setting and that is why is a lure for future brides.



As the name suggests, the solitaire setting refers to a jewelry piece that features a single stone. In jewelry, the solitaire setting is the same as the round cut – something that is classic and timeless. For now, the round shape is still the one that is most used for solitaire designs, but stones sculpted in cushion and square shape are quite promising too. In fact, the are announcing the upcoming tendencies in our industry. The solitaire setting looks utterly sophisticated with all types of moissanite jewelry, including earrings, pendants, engagement rings and of course, moissanite wedding bands.


Milgrain Framed Five Stone Forever One Moissanite Wedding Band in 14K White Gold

Milgrain Framed Five-Stone Moissanite Wedding Band in 14K White Gold



For some customers, the hardest part of the entire shopping process is picking a wedding band that will comfortably fit their finger. The good news is that you can always rely on your retailer’s professional assistance. Their team will help you find the right bling for your finger and there is also the possibility to exchange and return the item until you find the moissanite wedding band that will suit you in all aspects.

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