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The True Story Behind Right-Hand Rings

Stylish Girl Wearing Black Diamond Rings

One of the reasons why we should never stop admiring women is their continuous fight for gender equality in this complex world, which, we must say, is still largely anti-feminist. Their unstoppable will and bravery are manifested in so many different ways, even with the jewelry they wear. That is right, women have found a symbolic voice of independence by wearing right-hand rings, known as the trend that stands for female power. It is the perfect time to learn more about it, so make sure to have Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” anthem playing in the background while reading this super-interesting article.


Obviously, the first question to start with is: “What are right-hand rings?”. In the simplest terms, they are defined as rings worn on the right hand. Therefore, they are not considered wedding rings, as they do not carry that particular love meaning. However, a right-hand ring can symbolize a milestone, such as graduation, promotion, acquisition of property and other personal accomplishments.

In the past, right-hand rings were commonly referred to as “cocktail rings”, because of their bulky, multi-stone designs. Women started wearing them as accent rings on the right hand, in order to distinguish them from their bridal jewelry, which is traditionally worn on the left hand in most cultures.

Girl Wearing Right-Hand Rings and Trillion Solitaire Necklace

Right-Hand Rings & Trillion Solitaire Necklace


The history of right-hand rings started in the Art Deco 1920s, when artistry was in full bloom and it could be seen in every single aspect of people’s lives; from the way they dressed to the way they behaved. If you haven’t known yet, these are the years when women started to oppose the traditional beliefs by smoking and drinking in public, visiting bars and theaters and the major change of all, by entering the workforce. This is when the right-hand ring became the token of women that earn money and power. Their popularity was taken to a whole new level when renowned mid-century actresses, such as Natalie Wood and Elizabeth Taylor started appearing with bold rings on the big screen.

Back to 2003, the De Beers company launched a nationwide campaign called "Raise Your Right Hand”, in order to encourage women to purchase oversize, pricey gems as a way to express their independence and power. The campaign was a call to action for women all around the world, regardless of their age or marital status.

Today, the most unique right-hand rings feature vintage designs in white and yellow gold, as well as sterling silver. Most of them are family heirloom. If they date back to the period between the 1930s-1960s, their value will certainly fetch up a good price on the market. On the other hand, these pieces of jewelry hold an immeasurable sentimental value, so if not a necessity, it is warmly recommended to keep them in the family.


Girl Wearing Wide Yellow-Gold Right-Hand Ring on Index Finger

Right-Hand Ring on Index Finger



The best thing about these right-hand rings is that no rules are applied when it comes to the selection. Some women are drawn to the silky-polished look of diamond rings, while others are more into colored jewelry, so they would preferably pick an extravagant ring bedecked with their birthstone. Amazonite, amethyst, sapphire, ruby and tourmaline are among the top gemstones for vintage-inspired cocktail rings destined to make a statement on a lady’s right hand. There are no rules when to wear right-hand rings too; they make a nice addition to a fancy dinner’s look, an ordinary day at the office or celebrating a special occasion.



If an oversize cocktail ring is in question, the best way to promote its beauty and opulence is by wearing it on the index finger, which is an actual trend today. Moreover, right-hand rings can be worn in a “stacking” fashion - wearing a ring (sometimes two) on each finger, from pinky to thumb. Hence, their popularity as stacking rings in diamond jewelry. As you might already know, each ring finger has a particular meaning. For example, a ring worn on the index finger symbolizes leadership, while a ring on the thumb bears the meaning of power and wealth. To learn more about ring fingers and their meaning, visit this link.

In the Western culture, unusual jewels, such as majestic cocktail rings are especially reserved for the right hand. Right-handed women should feel delighted by wearing a statement piece on their primary hand, as it will be more noticeable for the others.


Girl Wearing Yellow Gold Right-Hand Ring

 Right-Hand Ring On Fourth Finger



▪ Gemstones

Precious stones in color are ever-classic when it comes to right-hand rings. They mostly come as centerpieces and can stand alone or be accompanied by diamonds, which is often the case in halo designs. Gemstone rings are desired for their eye-catching allure that is highly appreciated by Bohemian women. Each gemstone has unique color and appearance, thus creating an adornment with the same exact quality.


▪ Fancy Diamonds

Also known as “colored” diamonds, fancy diamonds are said to be among the rarest and most valuable gems. Therefore, the honor and pleasure of having them in right-hand ring designs. Their color spectrum ranges from yellow to black, while most limited specimens occur in green, blue, pink and red. The color exhibited by fancy diamonds is usually not intense and that is one of the main characteristics that distinguishes them from the other same-colored gems. Right-hand rings embellished with fancy diamonds look best in white metal settings, such as silver, platinum and white gold.


▪ Stacking Rings

Stacking rings represent a great choice for a more personalized style and yes, the look incredibly stylish on the right hand. Those covered with diamonds offer an extra sparkle, whose intensity depends on how many pieces there are. Usually, stacking rings are worn in a combination of three or more on a single finger. Women who wear them on the right hand are often described as “super-chic”.


▪ Spiral Rings

The beauty of spiral rings is that they are simple and stunningly elegant at the same time. By covering a great part of the finger, they create a multi-layered silhouette that levels up her look effortlessly. Spiral rings can be made with or without stones and good to know is that they are quite fashionable at the moment.


▪ Estate Rings

Women who are not interested in modern designs can always consider estate rings, which are perfectly fine to be worn on the right hand. Estate rings are actually antique rings that have previously been in someone else’s possession and are waiting for their next owner. A ring of this kind can be acquired at an estate sale, but be aware that the price won’t be so budget-friendly. However, the thrill of wearing an estate ring comes from the fact that is has unique stone(s) and a look that is no longer to be found in contemporary jewelry.


Girl Wearing Yellow Gold Spiral Ring on the Middle Finger

Spiral Right-Hand Ring on Middle Finger


In some countries, right-hand rings are worn together with the wedding jewelry, which sometimes makes it hard to identify them. In many European countries, like Norway, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Spain and Greece, wedding bands are worn on the right hand. Therefore, unless the right-hand ring is not a cocktail one, it could be easily misidentified as an eternity band, for example. In Turkey, Syria and Lebanon and Brazil, women traditionally wear the promise rings on the right hand until it is replaced with the wedding band, when it gets switched to the left. The German tradition, on the flip side, says quite the opposite; the engagement ring migrates from the left hand to the right after a woman got married.

Today, right-hand rings are more likely to be found in 14K white gold, 14K yellow gold and 14K rose gold. All three are considered best-value-for money options, especially in shopping on a budget in on target.


And that is a wrap! Now, it is your turn. Do you have any questions or comments about the topic we covered today? If you do, feel free to delight us with your presence in the comment section below.


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