The Things Men Don’t Know Before Buying An Engagement Ring

Man Holding The Hand of His Fiancee at Sunset

As long as the engagement-ring purchase is not close to realization, men think that it is going to be as simple and easy as if they are shopping for jeans and sneakers. Sorry to say this, but buying an engagement ring is a whole new experience that has nothing to do with men’s common shopping practice, so don’t let too much self-confidence blow your what is supposed to be “perfect proposal”. For example, did you know that there are a few important facts you need to get pampered with beforehand? Of course you didn’t, so stay tuned and prepare to savor all the little-known things that will take you to the right diamond engagement ring for your beloved one.


1. You will have that “jewelry talk” quite often.

Initiating a jewelry-related topic, even participating in one has never ever crossed your mind, but once you decide that it is time to get engaged, conversations about ring styles and carat sizes will suddenly become very interesting. You will be trying to collect as many hints you can to narrow your quest for the perfect engagement ring. Some of the first answers you will try to get is the particular jewelry taste she has; is it pure classic or is she is more of a vintage girl? Another uncertainty you would like to dispel is whether she already has imagined how her picture-perfect engagement ring looks like. Yeah, now you start feeling that buying an engagement ring is not a piece of cake, especially because of the part where you have to play the role of an undercover inspector. Now, let’s see what else you will have to deal with before spending a few months salary on a flawlessly cut diamond. 


Citrine Floral Vintage Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold

 Citrine Floral Vintage Engagement Ring


2. You will wonder if you have to ask her parents for permission.

Another super-uncomfortable task is lying ahead of you. Some may think that sharing the proposal intentions with the girl’s family is old fashioned, but let me tell you something – there is no better way to start off your reputation of a beloved son-in-law than this one. By asking the hand of your girl, you will leave the impression of a well-educated, respectful and considerate man, so if you want to hear the most friendly advice – go for it! Her family deserves and would certainly like to know who their beautiful daughter will say “YES” to. Even if you are not really a traditional guy, give your best for this occasion; you will reap the fruits of your labor later and guess what, you will enjoy it!


3. You will be interested to exchange opinions with her best friends.

Believe it or not, but making a decision about buying an engagement ring always partially depends on the advice you will get from her closest friends. In most cases, these are the people she has grown up with and obviously, know her longer than you, so if there is any place where you can get the most correct answers about her style and personality, that is them. You do not need to gather all her BFFS at the same time, you can simply confide your big intentions to one of her favorite hanging-out persons. This is how you will score major points and will complete the missing pieces of the puzzle, in case you could not get all the engagement-ring answers from your girlfriend herself.

You might also think about inviting her friend to join you in browsing local jewelers and online jewelry stores, so that you can hear a second opinion. Is it better to go white or yellow gold; should you opt for color diamonds or not; what is the best carat weight for her ring size, etc. The golden rule says that a girl’s BFFs are the best allies of men stuck in the engagement-ring shopping adventure. Also, make sure you do not share your plan with too many people, because you do not want her to “accidentally” find out and ruin the special surprise, don’t you?


Classic Double-Prong Forever One Moissanite and Diamond Engagement Ring

Forever One Moissanite & Diamond Engagement Ring 


4. You will like to hear other “already-engaged” guys’ experiences.

Nothing can tell the truth better than experience, no matter if good or bad. Experience is equal to lesson and in your case, you definitely want to be educated in the most effective way to get fully prepared for buying an engagement ring that deserves the hand of your future fiancee. After all, buying an engagement ring is not just one of the most stressful, but also one of the most expensive acquisitions in a man’s life. Your friends who have already gone through the engagement process are your main target; they will share their personal experiences and even give you some excellent, foolproof recommendations that you will be happy to take into consideration.


5. You will get confronted with your alter ego on the way.

If the selection lasts longer and seems more complicated than expected, you might be attacked by a lack of motivation and enthusiasm, which is  something you absolutely cannot afford. “It is the intention and effort that counts” will be your soul-satisfying excuse, but do not forget that this is not an ordinary Valentine’s Day gift that you are buying, it is the ring that is going to blink on her hand forever. So, now it is the right time to focus on what she truly likes and will make her happy and satisfied. Even if it is not the engagement ring that entirely suits your taste, think that it suits hers and that she will be the one wearing it for the rest of her life.  Simply said, you will have to put yourself in a “will she buy this ring or not” position.


6. All diamonds will look and glisten the same.

Any novice with zero experience in engagement rings and wedding bands will feel amazed by the very first diamond they will see with the naked eye. This could be your case too. The truth is, you will have to pay close attention to what you are considering to buy, because “everything that shines ain’t gold”. That being said, not all eye-clean diamonds have the same luster capacities. Some are fashioned in traditional, while others in fancy cuts. In terms of fire and brilliance, you can discover your diamond’s exact grades based on the certificate which has to be always included when buying an engagement ring.

To be up to the challenge, the best way is to study the The 4Cs of a diamond as if you will be preparing for an exam. No, it is not a joke, it is real advice. Maybe it is easy to open the wallet or enter the pin of your credit card for the first engagement ring you think will do the job, but how sure you are that there will be no upcoming hardships, such as losing or breaking the stone or having to replace the entire ring with a new one because its color and clarity performance won’t be as desired? Do not make any decision about buying an engagement ring before taking your diamond knowledge to a satisfactory level.


Round Moissanite Gold Chain Engagement Ring

Round Moissanite Gold Chain Engagement Ring


7. You will prefer avoiding the “custom ring” option.

Although custom jewelry is nothing strange and new, still many jewelry shoppers do not put it into consideration, mostly due to the following reasons: cost and complexity. The actual truth is that a custom-made engagement ring is not that expensive and you can always make an agreement about the price with your jeweler. The complexity which you might be afraid of results in having to wait around two weeks for the ring to be designed and around two more to be delivered to your doorstep (* in case you are buying an engagement ring online). So, it is up to you to choose – would you like to propose with a regular-design ring that can be also found on the hand of another girl, or with a one-of-a-kind piece that will hold a special significance and value to you and your significant other.


8. Your desire, expectations and finances will be put to the test.

From what you have read so far, you probably think that buying an engagement ring is a real pain in the neck that is going to drain your energy and of course, your budget. There is no need to take the whole thing to such an extent, but it is undeniably clear that you will have to spend some time, effort and money on accomplishing this task with success. No ones knows your budget capacities better than you, so try not to fall on the temptations that you will come across during the quest. You should not feel ashamed neither to tell your financial limits to the jeweler and stick to them. For example, buying an engagement ring for your girlfriend does not mean that you will have to go broke and not be able to pay your rent for a few months. Remember to keep your mind in “reasonable” mode, so that you won’t regret your decision and lose the joy and satisfaction which are supposed to come along with it and stay for many, many years.


9. You will feel exhausted by the time you realize the proposal scenario.

Once you do the homework and complete all the steps from the “I am buying an engagement ring” guide, be prepared to read this – you will be tired and you will need to take a  little break because it won’t be over; you have found and purchased the ring, but now you will have to come up with a plan how it is going to end up on her hand. Yeah, this literally seems like having to feel the trials and hardships of Sisyphus on your own skin, but with a little help and a sense of organization, be more than ensured that you will offer her the proposal of her dreams. Her smile and resounding “YES”  will be worth all your hard work and that is all that counts, isn’t it?

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