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The Most Unique And Rare Colors For Sapphire Rings

Sapphire and Diamond Floral Halo Engagement Ring

Sapphire is a gem that has made its way to some of the most influential people of all time, from Napoleon’s wife, the Empress Josephine to Princess Diana’s daughter in law, the Duchess Kate Middleton. Facts like these prove that sapphire is not just a beautiful adornment, but also a symbol of poise and dignity. Whilst blue is the signature sapphire color, modern designs of sapphire rings prettify the market with other unusual appearances that are definitely worth seeing. Learn more about them in the lines that follow.



Surprised that peach sapphires exist? Well, they do and are some of the most spectacular sapphire looks of all. Their color is as sweet and delicate as the fruit itself, often featuring pale pastel tones mixed with a splash of sparkling gold. Because of their earthy color, peach sapphire rings can suit any skin tone, from fair to dark. Their most extravagant appearances come in oval, pear and marquise cuts, which are perfect for high-profile rings of promise.


Alternative Rose Cut Peach Sapphire Ring with Diamonds

Alternative Rose-Cut Peach Sapphire Ring with Diamonds

Peach sapphires are considered a part of the singular “padparadscha” type, known as the rarest sapphire variety in the world. Their color is made of unique pink and orange hues, often described as an Elysian medley of tropical fruits, lotus flowers and sunsets. In terms of overall appearance, peach sapphires are closest to morganite – another extraordinary gemstone with the same hue, but not the same shine.



Orange is a rare sapphire color that is almost impossible to find in a natural state. It is best recognized for the secondary tone of yellow, which intensifies the gemstone’s appearance and adds complexity to it. Therefore, the majority of orange sapphire rings on the marketplace are heat-treated to obtain the desired orange hue that is often described as vibrant, luscious and extravagant. This color is obtained by combining the redness of chromium and the yellowness of iron, as the two main “ingredients” of the gem’s composition.


Oval Orange Sapphire Ring with Halo Diamonds

Oval Orange Sapphire Ring with Halo Diamonds 

Natural orange sapphires are mainly sourced from Madagascar and Australia and exhibit the most expensive orange look in the world. Another interesting fact that adds importance to the existence of orange sapphires is that they have no gemstone substitute. In other words, they are one-of-a-kind and worthy to be worn for a lifetime.



Following the “champagne” diamond trend, cognac and brown sapphire engagement rings are pretty much en vogue nowadays. The golden rule about them says: “neither too light nor too dark”. To explain it better, the most demanded and at the same time, the most expensive cognac hue of sapphire is medium dark. In jewelry, this color is treasured as a great way to stand out and leave a lasting trace of graciousness. However, cognac and brown do not refer to the same exact hue. Cognac sapphires lack in the reddish tones that brown sapphires have and are usually natural and untreated. Brown sapphires, on the flip side, exhibit a more intensified darkness and consequently, are less valuable. Both color varieties with highest attributes are sourced from Madagascar and Tanzania.


Alternative Multi Stone Brown Sapphire Ring with Diamonds

Alternative Multi-Stone Brown Sapphire Ring with Diamonds

“Terra cota” and “honey brown” are the two hues that have been in high gear for cognac and brown sapphire rings lately. Obviously, one of the reasons why so is because their earthy warmth easily complements the season’s wardrobe.



If rubies and garnets have to pick one biggest rival to their timeless velvet beauty, that would definitely be sapphires colored in reddish pink. In the fine gemstone world, they are considered rare and fantastically alluring, listed as one more sub-category of padparadscha sapphire. Their uniqueness comes in the depth of color that cannot be otherwise described, than “strong”. Gemstone enthusiasts who are willing to pay extraordinary prices for an extraordinary sapphire ring can pick between a range of cuts, including princess, cushion, oval and emerald as the top-ranking ones. Most designs feature halo and pave settings, as they add more grandeur to a strikingly opulent piece.


Cushion Cut Reddish Pink Sapphire Ring with Diamonds

Cushion-Cut Reddish Pink Sapphire Ring with Diamonds

Specimens with highest color and clarity grades come from Madagascar and Tanzania. Although in many cases they are highly undervalued, due to lack of knowledge about their rarity and overall existence, reddish pink sapphires are slowly, but surely carving their path towards the most stunning gem-quality sapphire rings on the marketplace.



It is said that every gemstone color has its own meaning and significance. Purple, for example, is associated with nobility, power, luxury and ambition. Hence, the explanation why purplish pink sapphire rings are listed among the most gorgeous designs by top designer jewelry brands. They make a fantastic adornment for any skin tone and can be paired with a wide range of fashion styles, from chic to bohemian. At the end of the day, the celebrity look is more than guaranteed.


Cushion Cut Purplish Pink Sapphire Ring with Diamonds

Cushion-Cut Purplish Pink Sapphire Ring with Diamonds

Purplish pink sapphires blend two lovely hues that react differently on different types of lighting conditions. Darker and deeper specimens command higher prices, while the most popular purplish pink appearance is known as “magenta”. Gemologists say that if a purple sapphire gem contains more than 30% of pink color presence, it falls under the category of pink sapphires. Therefore, purplish pink sapphires are indeed a special kind, characterized by light tints of pink color. They are mostly found in Madagascar in carat sizes not bigger than six carats.



Green sapphires are probably the least known sapphire color variety, even by a great number of gemstone connoisseurs. Those who have already witnessed their intergalactic beauty, prefer to call them “quiet stunners”. Sapphire rings with leaf or olive hues come in a limited supply, meaning that owning such a piece represents a supreme delight and honor. The green base of these gemstones is mixed with a pop of yellow, which is actually, the secondary tone of this particular sapphire appearance.


Round Green Sapphire Ring with Halo Diamonds

Round Green Sapphire Ring with Halo Diamonds

Unlike other sapphire colors, saturation does not have a huge impact on the quality and price of green sapphire rings. The reason? No matter the exact grade of saturation, the gem will still look far more alluring and brilliant than other green-colored gems, such as emerald, tourmaline and peridot. Another uncommon fact about green sapphires is that they are comparatively inexpensive, which is also the case with fine, eye-clean specimens.



Whenever a bluish green gemstone appears, it steals the show and ignites the desire to keep it for yourself. Without any doubt, the bluish green sapphire is one in a million and it is sourced from only one place in the world – Yogo Gulch, Montana. Hence, its two other popular names, “Yogo” sapphire and "Montana” sapphire. They are considered a “cornflower blue” variety, which is remarkable for the extraordinary grades of color and clarity. Oval and radiant cuts create the most awe-inspiring bluish green sapphire rings, because these faceting styles give the gem an opportunity to display its optimal beauty and brilliance.


Alternative Oval Bluish Green Sapphire Ring with Diamonds

Alternative Oval Bluish Green Sapphire Ring with Diamonds

Good news is that bluish green sapphires are becoming more and more available in different styles and sizes, thus offering customers more freedom to enjoy in their excellence and level up their style game.



These are the only sapphire gems with “color zoning” – an optical phenomenon where the gem exhibits two different colors at the same time. No special equipment is required to detect them, because this phenomenon can be clearly noticed with the naked eye. The best part of it? It is not affected by any type of lighting condition. Color zoning ranges from minor to prominent and it is the main factor in determining the value of the gem.


Alternative Multi Stone Bi Color Sapphire Ring

Alternative Multi-Stone Bi-Color Sapphire Ring with Diamonds

Bi-color sapphire rings are extremely rare on the marketplace and they are mainly requested as custom jewelry. The most expensive bi-color sapphires are produced in Tanzania, Thailand and Madagascar.


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