The Most Romantic Ways To Propose In December

Wanna Hang With me Forever marriage proposal

Hello December, the herald of the coldest, yet the most romantic season in the whole year. As a matter of fact, the low temperatures are ideal for snuggling and cuddling with your beloved one, so winter is definitely a magical season in which love feelings seem to be at their peek. Therefore, ladies who prefer sweaters and hot drinks over bikinis and cocktails are more likely to dream of a wintry proposal. In this article, we are going to present you 8 love-dovey ways to propose in December and make the most out of the occasion.



If you are planning a weekend getaway where you can both enjoy in a real winter idyll, you will have the opportunity to use the snow as your marriage proposal setting. Prove your witty skills and find a shovel to carve out the “Will You Marry Me” question. Once done, put on a show your sense of aesthetic and decorate the “crime scene” with Christmas lights, candles or red roses. You can also add poinsettias if you want to boost the holiday spirit. To propose in December lightheartedly, build a handsome Snowman and let it do the job for you. Attach the ring on one of its hands and spice up the mood with a personal romantic note and a flower(s). If you have difficulties to attach the ring, consider tying it with a ribbon to one of the Snowman’s hands.

Some adventurists take this kind of winter proposal to a whole new level by booking a helicopter ride to offer their ladies a spectacular view from where this scenery can be seen.


just engaged couple having a winter photo shoot


Okay, not literally, but the roof is definitely the place where you will have to show off your tech savvy skills for your unforgettable engagement. If not, you can hire a professional to help you carry out the plan which goes like this: you will have the roof of your house (or another building where you are allowed to perform this) decorated with Christmas lights that will spell the proposal question and synchronize with the sounds of your special song. It might sound simple and easy to do it alone, but it is not, especially if you do not have the required knowledge and skills in this field. However, the results coming out of it are simply mind-blowing. Propose in December in this unique, original way and your beloved one won’t be able to resist to this excitement overload.


Carolers make winter holidays even more cute and magical, so here is another extraordinary idea to propose in December – find a group of carolers that will sing a special song for the one you love. Meet them “accidentally” at your favorite spot, the one that carries a lot of significance to your relationship. The carolers will need to find the perfect pitch and of course, moment to sing the “Will You Marry Me” part to which you will get down on one knee and ask the same question again. Just do not let the excitement make you forget to take out the engagement ring out of your pocket. You can also ask for the presence of some of your dearest and closest persons to make this moment even more beautiful and exuberant.


Group of Christmas carolers


Getting engaged on a carriage ride is always classy and elegant, ever since those romantic movie scenes from Old Hollywood. In the United States, there are some magnificent horse carriage rides to experience, such as the ones in New York City and South Carolina. If by any chance you happen to be a New Yorker or South Carolinian, you must propose in December THIS WAY! Snuggled up to her while enjoying every second of the city’s holiday enchantment is a one-of-a-kind love story that you will immensely proud to share with your children one day. You know what you should be doing next, right? To give you a hand in this, here is the list of Top 10 USA Horse Carriage Ride Tours! Have a look at it, now!



This is a simple plan made for high-level romantics that appreciate the feeling of coziness and privacy above anything else. Pick a one-on-one evening where both of you will be free of obligations, so that you can spend some quality time at home, just like in the good old days. Earlier that day, go and find the best hot chocolate in town, something to snack on, or if you are pretty good in the kitchen, you can prepare a delicious meal, her favorite, preferably.

The big moment arrives when you will be sitting by the fireplace, listening to the delightful crackling sounds of wood melting in the vigorous flames, interwoven with some romantic music in the background. With a mug of hot chocolate in your hands, start a conversation about how you met, what are the most beautiful and funniest memories ever since you have been together and set the ground to pop the question. It is more than guaranteed that she will respond you with a resonating “YES”. Personally, this is one of the best ways to propose in December if you want to do it behind closed curtains.


cozy ambiance near fireplace


Organize a family gathering on the first morning after Christmas where you can have a wonderful occasion to propose in December and make another bold reason for celebration before the end of the year. If you think that you cannot handle the preparation yourself, ask for some help from your mother, sister, aunt or friend. You can go for a traditional Christmas meal or you can try something new, fresh and challenging. During the toast, take advantage of the moment to ask the hand of your lady. You can prepare a nice speech that will leave everyone speechless, especially her. If there are some tears of joy, pride and happiness, you will know that you have done a great job!


This idea will definitely stick to your mind if you agree with the saying that there is an inner child in every grown-up. Invite her on a casual, December walk in the park, buy her a candy apple and hold her tightly next to you. Bring summer into her soul even on minus zero degrees. You should have hidden the ring earlier before starting the treasure hunt, but she does not have to know what kind of treasure she is exactly looking for. “That tree over there? Cold.”;  “Oh, it is getting warm”; “Warm, warmer, hot, extremely hot, BINGO!” and she already has her engagement ring in hand. Congratulations, she found it by herself. Now it is your turn to ask what you need to ask, in fact this is how you have chosen to propose in December, right?


When we were children, we all wanted to meet Santa Clause, so we were trying so hard to not fall asleep on New Year’s Eve when he would come to our house and leave the presents under the Christmas tree, remember? Revive her childhood memories and take her to Santa Clause (he is there on every street in every city during the whole month of December). While she will be taking a picture on Santa’s knee, Santa will tell her that he knows what her biggest wish is. She might look a bit surprised, but this the moment when Santa will give her a little box that hides a gorgeous engagement ring within. Step into the scene and propose to her. Then both take a picture with Santa Clause. Next? Celebrate.


Did you get an inspiration about how to propose in December? If you are not already there, share this article with someone you know is looking for a fabulous way to propose this month. December is a month of sharing, celebration and creating unforgettable memories, so be sure to make the most out of it!

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