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The DO’S And DON’TS Of A Valentine’s Day Proposal

Flower-Themed Valentine's Day Proposal with Diamond Engagement Ring

Another amazing Valentine’s Day is on its way, getting prepared to intertwine the souls of couples who breathe romance and live romance. Many of them consider this day a very special opportunity to get engaged and take their relationship to another, higher level. Of course that a Valentine’s Day proposal sounds like an excellent idea, but it can also be quite tricky. The thing is, there are certain things that may not bring the desired result if they are not done or avoided. Wondering what they could be? Keep reading and you will get the answers.


Get the ring she wants.

Although it seems like mission impossible, finding the engagement ring that will sparkle flawlessly on her hand as if it was specially designed for her is something you can definitely do. Actually, you have no other choice than to do it, even if it takes involving her family or friends to give you a hand in this. She has her own personal taste in jewelry, referring to favorite metal color, gemstone type and shape and you need to figure it out. Have a look at her box of jewels, because this is the most relevant place to get inspired. Choosing her dream engagement ring is one of the essentials for ensuring a 100% successful Valentine’s Day proposal.


Keep it a surprise.

The alter ego of any woman in love makes her think that she is going to be proposed on Valentine’s Day. Or maybe it is her intuition or her deepest wish that is responsible for that? Anyway, you have to try the best you can to not let her “smell” your intention, because you do not want to lose the guaranteed effect of supreme glee and excitement, don’t you? Escape the predictable, for example, having a waiter bringing the engagement ring on a tray all along with your order is not the best idea to come up with. What you can really do is to tell her that you have made a reservation at her favorite restaurant, but instead of that you will take her to your special spot where you met and pop the question there. That is what is called a “Valentine’s Day proposal surprise”.


Kobelli Citrine and Diamond Floral Ring in 14K Yellow Gold

Citrine & Diamond Lotus Flower Ring in 14K Yellow Gold


Be creative.

There is nothing wrong if you want to want to skip the ordinary, in fact, it is recommended. She has seen many movie scenes of classic proposals and she probably wants something unique and special for her own. There is no risk of having something go wrong if you know what you are doing. Here are two ideas that have shown to work great with women when it comes to asking their hand; the first one is to organize a romantic getaway to a destination she has always wanted to check in; the second idea is to plan an epic night for the two of you, spiced up with lots of wine, champagne and foods that one cannot get enough of.


Capture the moment.

A marriage proposal is a one of the few one-of-a-kind moments that people experience in their lives, so it is of the utmost important to get it on camera and make it an everlasting memory. You can either ask a friend to help you out, or you can hire a professional photographer that will be just around, staying unnoticed and ready to capture the most romantic photo in your “Forever In Love” photo album.

Forever One Moissanite and Diamond Braided Engagement Ring

Forever One Moissanite & Braided Engagement Ring


Consider her style and imagination.

How she would like to get proposed? Has she been dreaming of saying “YES” in a big beauty queen style or you think she prefers to not be the center of attention, thus keeping the feeling of intimacy? Nobody knows this better than you, so make sure you offer her a Valentine’s Day proposal that she will completely enjoy and savor every single instant of it.


Laugh if something goes off the rail.

The pressure gets higher and higher as the big moment comes to its realization, so if by any chance you lose your words or forget doing something that is a part of the Valentine’s Day proposal plan, try to make it up with a good and charismatic laughter. Even if she realizes that you have made a mistake, she won’t be able to resist your smile for which she falls every time she sees it on your face.


Valentine's Day Proposal with a Diamond Engagement Ring on a Christmas Candy

Three-Stone Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

Go overboard.

When stressed out, you might start thinking that doing what you are doing is never enough and you will practically end up overdoing things, which is big no-no for a nicely organized proposal. Adding too many details in order to make the entire occasion look special is a very common situation that usually spoils the desired sophisticated mood. For example, hiring an entire army of musicians, dancers, singers or limos and helicopters is a Valentine’s Day proposal scenario you wish you won’t have. This does not mean that you have to keep it low key, just make a balance between your desires and what is tasty and reasonable.


Propose in a hair-raising way.

The idea of having a memorable Valentine’s Day proposal does not include the option to bring the feeling of fear into what is meant to be beautiful, lovely and pleasant. Some men think that by scaring their girlfriends they will make them appreciate their heroism, but the truth is, this is absolutely not the kind of proposal that a real gentleman would go for. Therefore, forget the childish games and make sure to create a moment in which both of you will enjoy.


Forever One Moissanite and Diamond Floral Halo Engagement Ring

Forever One Moissanite & Diamond Floral Halo Engagement Ring


Lose the ring.

If you get too concerned whether she will see the ring or not, you might start considering ridiculous places to hide it from her and eventually lose it. Avoid the tricky boxes of chocolates, cupcakes and champagne glasses. There is no proposal without a ring, so it is your duty to keep this precious asset safe and sound.


Feel uncomfortable to show emotions.

We have all heard of the “big boys do not cry” expression, which is definitely a very present social stigma even up to present day, but you do not have to stick to it. Sincerely, what is wrong if a man gets emotional while proposing to his better half or if he says the most touching, romantic words that every woman would like to hear? Just be yourself, if you feel them tears coming, let them shed. After all, they are a sign of unbounded love and ultimate happiness and will make your Valentine’s Day proposal even more heartwarming.


Have too many expectations.

Different types of women have different ways of reacting to proposals; some scream and jump, some cry and become speechless, while others take the occasion to a whole new level and curse from excitement! You can never be sure of what her exact reaction would be, so do not overwhelm yourself with too many questions or expectations about it. Go with the flow and expect natural emotions, as simple as that.

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