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5 Times to Take Off Your Diamond Engagement Ring - What to Know

Diamonds may be forever, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear your ring every second of every day. There are times and moments when it’s best to take it off for practical and safety reasons. Although diamonds are resistant to abrasion, the metal where it is set is relatively prone to acid damage. The diamond stone placed on the ring could get removed as a result. There is also a risk of discoloration on the stone. You would also have to leave your ring behind if you are about to head out into a place where thieves can take advantage of the crowds to snatch your ring from you.

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A Basic Guide to Ring Resizing (What to Know)

Whether it’s an engagement ring, an heirloom, or a gift, getting ring sizing right can always be a challenge, especially when you’re not going to be the one wearing the ornament. Most may call it a dilemma that has lasted since the existence of rings and crafting but trying to guess a ring size that isn’t yours can be a problem no matter how experienced you are.


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Eco-Friendly Engagement Ring Options for the Bride

Choosing an engagement ring that you like is hard enough, but finding an eco-friendly engagement ring is another story. It can be challenging to find the perfect ring that suits your style as well as being environmentally conscious. However, you don’t have to give up one for the other! 


Here are some eco-friendly engagement ring options for you to check out:

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eternity diamond bands
Diamond lovers are obsessed with diamond rings, and for good reason. A diamond ring’s luxurious aura and stunning look are peerless among jewelry sets. But if it’s your first time to purchase or even wear one, you might have a hard time choosing between full eternity, half eternity, or an ordinary side stone ring. The key to your decision lies in knowing how often you’re going to wear your ring.

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