One Of A Kind Earrings You Must Wear This Season!

one of a kind earrings with floral design

It is the beginning of a long, festive season and you feel like your style is kind of boring and unprepared for the upcoming vibes of glee and sparkle? Don’t worry; you just need an awesome pair of earrings that are cool enough to make a difference. To make the quest easier for you, we present you some of our one of a kind earrings whose essence stands for supreme beauty, elegance and quality. Are you ready for an amazing adventure? We are.





14K White Gold

chandelier dangle diamond earrings in white gold

There will be no bigger sparkling surprise for you and everyone around you than these spectacular earrings whose exclusiveness counts 4.35 carats of diamond elegance. Wear them to celebrate the holidays and whenever you want to feel unique and different. 72 kite and shield-cut white diamonds form a show-stealing dangling design finished with high polish for a more impressive sparkle. The earrings secure with butterfly clasps on traditional post mounts. Crafted in 14K white gold of unmatched quality.

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14K White Gold

bullet cut one of a kind earrings with diamonds

Your ultimate Boho-inspired ensemble won’t be complete without the perfection of these one of a kind earrings designed in a gorgeous bullet-cut, dangle style. They can easily accessorize any fancy outfit to make a lady feel beautiful and confident. Two pairs of bullet-cut diamonds are haloed in the same mood with smaller round diamond accents. All 84 stones are prong-set and stand for ethical purchase. The total diamond weight of this one of kind jewelry is 1.5 carats.

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14K White Gold

round black and white diamond earrings

Get these versatile pair of diamond earrings to please each and every piece of your wardrobe, because their beauty is universal and when it comes to their shimmer, without being modest, it is eternal. Representing more than just a classic choice, these one of a kind earrings are designed for women who want to feel the flair of Utopian chic on their skin. Two black diamonds are embraced by a halo of smaller white diamond accents hanging on a 14K white gold base.

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14K Yellow Gold

pear shape black diamond earrings in yellow gold

Bold jewelry is hard to get and even harder to forget. These one of a kind earrings stand for this statement and their design is intriguing enough to captivate everyone’s attention. They are empowered with a pair of pear-shaped diamonds in black mode that play the role of center stones and a pair of white round-shaped diamond that hold an accent position. All four gems are nestled in a 14K yellow-gold setting that speaks the language of charm and luxury. The overall diamond weight of these earrings is 2.48 carats.

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14K White Gold

one of a kind earrings with oval hoop design

If you opt for a glowing statement accessory, which at the same time will represent your personal sense of sophistication, then these one of a kind charm hoop earrings signed by Kobelli artisans should be your final destination. Each earring is embellished with 6 round-cut diamonds nestled in a secure prong setting. The best thing about these two jewels is that they are neither too long to feel like too much, nor too short to not be perceived. In other words, they are ideal for classy ladies who choose unpretentious elegance above all.

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14K White Gold

diamond bow tie earrings

Honestly, don’t they look like the most delicious and the most festive one of a kind earrings you have ever seen? Imagine yourself celebrating life, love and happiness with these sweeties on Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Eve, dazzling with 6 white diamonds framed in a charming bow-tie design. The stones are fashioned in round and triangular shape, each of them sitting in bezel setting.
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14K White Gold

one of a kind earrings with asscher diamonds

Why we consider them one-of-a-kind earrings? Because they are made with the one and only, asscher-cut diamond, which in this case, comes to your style times two. Precious stones in asscher cut are treasured for their resplendence and lustrous appeal which are more than welcome in the making of timeless jewelry. Both stones are secured among double prongs that look like bunny ears, thus giving a special note of cuteness and of course, authenticity. The earrings secure with butterfly clasps on traditional post mounts.

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18K Rose Gold

round champagne diamond stud earrings in rose gold

Your New Year’s Eve dress will love these one of a kind earrings made out of 14 heartwarming rose-gold karats. Rose gold and champagne diamonds make a winning combo for those who are ready to show off their femininity and subtlety, so if this is what you truly wish for your “2018 look”, do not hesitate to give your ownership to these Kobelli earrings. Their magnificence is enhanced with the champagne halo design that speaks volumes about how genuine these two jewels are. Total diamond weight - 2.83 carats.

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14K Rose Gold

round grey pearl dangle earrings in rose gold

Pearls are always an excellent gift to offer, no matter the time, the season or the occasion. Moreover, pearls are heavenly precious gems, cherished as a synonym of life and beauty. Add the meaning of elegance and you have everything you need to look complete and flattering. These one of a kind earrings are showcasing two grey pearls coming from the wonderful Tahiti, each of them being 12.6 mm wide. The earrings come with a fancy 14K rose-gold dangle design captivating for the smooth, silky curves and surpassing sophistication.

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14K White Gold

freshwater pearl dangle earrings in white gold

Fresh and exotic, these two magnificent pearls will bring the right dose of holiday excitement to your style. But, that is not all you will get. High-level shine merged with lots of sophistication is the special surprise that these earrings have prepared for the owner of this genuine jewelry masterpiece. For us, it is not only a gorgeous set of one of a kind earrings, but also a set of earrings that open a new, stormy jewelry era full of spectacular designs. Don’t you think the same?

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18K White Gold

one of a kind earrings with sapphire and diamond

Premium “18K” white-gold opulence is just one step away, so if you want to have stunning holidays with stunning aesthetics that is also profoundly authentic, you need to get yourself this pair of one of a kind earrings ASAP. Their delicate dangle design is supported by 18 blue sapphire accents among a small piece of sky that counts 86 white diamonds. The earrings secure with butterfly clasps on traditional post mounts.

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14K White Gold

green moissanite and diamond halo stud earrings

It is the season of sharing and gratitude, so if you have anyone who would totally fall for the vintage beauty of these earrings, have no doubts to make a thoughtful gift out of them for a dear lady that sticks close to your heart. Green moissanite is one of the most remarkable representatives of fine, antique jewelry, often combined with the luster of the diamond to achieve the effect of luxury. These one of a kind earrings weigh 1 carat each and feature a spectrum of 42 precious round-cut gems in prong setting.

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