Men’s Wedding Rings: How To Make A Successful Selection

Man in suit wearing a watch and a wedding ring

It is not a secret that women are not just the most passionate, but also the most loyal admirers of fine jewelry. Men, on the other hand, although typically considered non-regular jewelry wearers, also like to style their handsomeness with some exemplary piece, which in most cases, becomes a hallmark of their personality. Since your special day is just around the corner, time has come to ransack the market of men’s wedding rings and find the one to exchange vows with and delve into the lifelong adventure called “marriage”. Sorry ladies, but this time, the lines that follow are dedicated to our dear grooms-to-be only.

Princess Diamond Mens Wedding Ring in 18K Two Tone GoldPrincess Diamond Men's Wedding Band in 18K Two-Tone Gold

What is the first thing to start with? The common answer a man would give is: “I am not really sure.” There are a few versatile ways to narrow down the selection, which might seem like a daunting task, particularly if the guy in question is a little bit tough in defining his jewelry style. However, it is beyond clear that at the end of the day, he will have that precious bling on his own to serve as a lovely reminder of the unique love story he is a part of. Our job right here and right now is to help him find that ring in the easiest way possible. For this purpose, we have prepared a list of savvy buying tips for men’s wedding rings. Stay tuned!

Tungsten Beveled Edge Band with Blue Celtic Inlay

Tungsten Beveled-Edge Band with Blue Celtic Cut-Out Inlay


We have all heard that popular saying “we are all different”, which can be unquestionably related to men too. Notwithstanding the fact that men are less exigent in their choices, each of them has their own personality traits that consequently define their jewelry style.

In terms of appearance, is he a classic guy or rather someone with metropolitan spirit? In case number one, he needs a traditional, plain-metal men wedding band with no special design accents. The recommended options for classic men’s wedding rings are white gold, yellow gold, titanium and tungsten. If the future groom is modern and stylish, he could opt for some of the top-notch designs in today’s fine jewelry world, like rose gold, two-tone gold and wedding bands decorated with diamonds and sapphires.


When it comes to his personal lifestyle, a few additional questions pop up and hide important answers:

Does his professional life allow him to wear a wedding ring?

Does he practice any sport on a regular basis?

If a positive answer is given to both of these questions, then the most suitable option for him is a ring made of durable, high-quality metal that offers the required levels of versatility and endurance. To be more precise, look for a band with no “popped-up” gems that can be easily lost or damaged.

Black Ceramic Brushed and Hammered Beveled Edge Band

Black Ceramic Brushed & Hammered Beveled-Edge Band


A wedding ring that is totally uncomfortable to wear is nothing, but a real nightmare for a man. Hence, the great importance of taking the entire wedding-ring purchase seriously and pay attention even to the slightest details. There is only one way to ensure the desired comfort – knowing exactly what you are looking for. Still confused? Here are the key features to take into consideration:


Well-furnished men’s wedding rings have soft, round edges, whereas rings with sharp, angular edges are not that popular or recommended. Make sure the ring also has a soft curve on the inside edging, because this is the feature that makes it comfortable or not. Some of the latest novelties in the world of men’s wedding rings are bands with the so-called “comfort curve”. This curve is applied to the ring’s internal structure only, thus allowing the brand-new creation of comfy, soft-edged rings with an authentic flat exterior.


Another essential thing to decide about is the ring’s width. In other words, which size will fit best the finger. The optimal solution is to choose a ring that is neither too big nor too small. To help you easily solve the equation, we will provide you with some numbers that seem to work well on the market of men’s wedding rings.

For instance, the most popular wedding-band width for men is 4mm and 6mm. A 4-mm wedding ring is said to be easy to get used to, but it tends to look small on larger fingers. In this case, a 6-mm will perfectly do the job. Other existing, although less-desired options in terms of width/size are 8mm and 9mm.


Handmade Woven Mens Wedding Ring in 14K Two Tone Gold


Handmade Woven Band in 14K Two-Tone Gold


More and more soon-to-be-married couples share the same desire to wear matching wedding rings. They believe that such an act will put an even greater accent on the notions of love, compatibility and unity. Couples preparing to embark into the “marriage” adventure can easily compose their dream-worthy set of wedding rings. How? By making a selection among a variety of metals, shapes, designs and of course, prices. Those who want to add a special meaning to their wedding rings can opt for custom designs. They often feature symbolic patterns or engravings, like the wedding date, the initials or the entire names.


Black Elysium Beveled Edge Band in 18K Yellow Gold

Black Elysium Beveled-Edge Band in 18K Yellow Gold

Let’s not forget that a wedding ring is one of the most personal choices made in commercial jewelry, so the wearer himself undoubtedly has the final word. In case of a doubt or concern, feel free to reach out to the professional team at Kobelli that readily stays at your assistance. Cheers!

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