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Lab Created Sapphire Engagement Rings: Why To Look For Them?

vintage blue sapphire engagement ring with diamond

Lab-created, lab-grown and synthetic gemstones are just some of the buzz words that keep rocking the modern jewelry world. Eco-conscious consumers have set the bar real high when it comes to importance of the ethical jewelry purchase. Lab created sapphire engagement rings are an amazing product of this ideology, so if you still have no idea what kind of ring to pick for your proposal, you might want to learn something more about them.

For ages, sapphire has been highly praised for its allure and rich folklore. If you are a gemstone enthusiast, you must have heard at least one myth about it, like for example, the one saying that there was a massive pedestal made of blue sapphires which supported the planet and reflected into the sky by making it blue. Thanks to its interesting and opulent history, sapphire was one of the first colored gems made in a laboratory. The very first one was ruby in the beginning of the 1900’s. What is quite fascinating is that some of the early methods for making lab-created sapphires are still used today, thus confirming that the entire process of growing a precious gem in a laboratory was nothing, but a phenomenal, groundbreaking discovery.




Actually, there is no difference at all. Sapphires that come right out of the lab and those coming from beneath Earth’s crust share the same chemical, physical and optical properties. In other words, they are IDENTICAL. However, seen from the “cost” viewpoint, there is a big difference. Lab created sapphire engagement rings are less expensive than those adorned with mined sapphire gem(s), due to the fact that the whole process of creating one single sapphire gem in Earth’s crust takes several thousands years. Truth be told, natural gemstone jewelry is extremely rare and it is only affordable for the wealthy, upper class in  our modern society.

The biggest confusion among gemstone jewelry novices is that lab-created sapphires are imitations of mined ones. That is absolutely not true, because the simple fact that the lab-created sapphire has the same features of a natural one means that it is made by nature’s recipe, so it is, actually, the real deal.



Lab created sapphire engagement rings are made in the same exact way as any other type of engagement ring in terms of carving and polishing; the specialty comes with the making of the gemstone itself. Generally, it is all about the highly controlled conditions, which include the right application of minerals, heat and pressure.

There are two basic methods for making lab-created sapphires:

Melt processes (aluminum oxide is melt into a sapphire droplet)

Solution processes (sapphire crystals are grown in a special solution)

The oldest and cheapest melt process is called “flame fusion”. It includes aluminum oxide powder melted with flame. While melting, the drops fall in a so-called “boule” with a teardrop shape. Other types of minerals are added to the now-liquid aluminum oxide depending on the particular sapphire variety which has to be obtained. For instance, adding chromium will make a synthetic ruby, while adding titanium and iron will bring into existence the synthetic blue sapphire.




Because they are:


- Genuine jewelry pieces, not imitations

As mentioned a few lines above, a lab-created sapphire would look exactly the same as a mined one. Therefore, the chemical, physical and optical properties remain the same and only the use of a special magnification and instruments could tell the difference between synthetic and natural sapphire. Experts say that if produced under the right circumstances, lab-created sapphires look way better than their natural counterparts.


- Affordable

Lab created sapphire engagement rings are a very suitable and smart alternative for consumers who do not have a limit-free budget. They can get a more affordable gemstone piece without sacrificing its quality and aesthetics.


- Eco-friendly

With no impact on nature’s treasures, lab-created sapphires carry the “GO GREEN” motto, which is crucial for an ethical, conflict-free purchase.


- Color choices

Lab created sapphire engagement rings are not necessary colored in royal blue; they can also showcase the beauty of orange, yellow, pink and green sapphires.


If reading this guide aroused your interest in lab created sapphire engagement rings, you might want to see some of our pieces crafted with unrivaled passion and quality.



IGI Certified

cushion cut lab created sapphire ring with diamond

Fans of diversity and versatility would love this high-profile jewelry piece that guarantees to shine bright and loud until the end of time. Featuring a splendid diamond center in cushion cut, the ring is seducing long distance with four square blue sapphires merged with the luster of  30 round-brilliant-cut natural accent diamonds. The entire ring is made out of 14K white gold and it comes with a total diamond weight of 1.17 carats.


IGI Certified

art deco sapphire and diamond engagement ring

This gorgeous lab-created engagement ring welcomes you to the “Diamond & Sapphire Crystal Wonderland” with elegance and lots of sophistication. The ring is created for ladies who love vintage jewelry spiced up with a special touch of contemporary. Six baguette-cut blue sapphires form a beautiful hexagonal halo around the mesmerizing diamond center in round brilliant cut. The feeling of subtlety is enhanced with delicate milgrain edging in 14 white gold of surpassing quality.



IGI Certified

vintage diamond and sapphire engagement ring in white gold

The magnificence of this ring allows you to treat yourself to precious and timeless antiquity carved out of 14  high-polished white-gold karats. With a touching floral design, the ring gives the hand a flair of vintage magic thanks to the pairs of blue sapphire accents nestled among ornate milgrain edges. Of course, the shimmer of this spectacular Kobelli ring would not be as terrific as it is without the presence of the 1-carat diamond center fashioned in the traditional round brilliant shape.



IGI Certified

multi cut lab created sapphire engagement ring with diamond

To experience the beauty and elegance provided by multiple cuts, you definitely need a jewelry piece of this kind. This lab-created diamond and sapphire engagement ring is showcasing the stateliness of the square cut, the delicateness of the baguette cut and of course, the blinding luster of the round-brilliant cut. Designed with a thin and lightweight band for a more versatile and pleasurable wearing experience.


All rings are designed and manufactured in-house by Kobelli jewelers in Los Angeles, California. Certificate of authenticity included. Thank you for visiting us.


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