Just Got Engaged? These Are The Things You Must Do!

Girl Who Got Engaged Holding A Sparkly Round Diamond Engagement Ring

You recently got engaged and you still feel like you are in seventh heaven. He finally proposed to his girlfriend, congratulations! Now you can start planning your sublime, romantic wedding you have been dreaming of ever since you were a little girl. In fact, wasn’t that part of your favorite Barbie & Ken game? Anyway, let’s talk some serious things here. Your significant other popped the question, the perfect bauble is already on your hand and now it is time to deal with a few other things that make part of the process. Wondering what they could be? Stay with us to find out.



The “We are engaged!” breaking news took you by storm and you feel the need to tell the world about it. And who else to call first than your friends and family?. They all deserve to be the first to know about your changed status from “in a relationship” to “newly engaged”, wouldn’t you agree? After all, these are the people that will be the happiest of all. Of course, once you have that call with your closest ones, you are more than allowed to announce your engagement on your social media. To do it with style, post a great engagement-ring selfie that is going to draw hundreds, maybe thousands of thumbs up and red hearts. If you want to see how to take the perfect shot, follow this link.



Remember that Moët et Chandon bottle you have been keeping in your home bar for so long, waiting for the right occasion to open it? Well, guess what?! This is the one. You got engaged and savoring the moment with an expensive champagne flavor is absolutely worth it. Depending on your mood, you can either opt for an intimate celebration between you and your future hubby only, or you can throw a mini party in your apartment, by inviting your BFFs. We leave you have the final word on this, it is your celebration, it is your engagement party. In case you do not feel like staying at home, make a reservation in a restaurant or some night club where that sparkly bauble on your hand will radiate happiness with each of your dance moves.


Celebrating With Moet Chandon Champagne



Celebration time is over and now, it is time to get into “serious mood” again. Do not panic, it won’t last for an eternity. It is just that you need to insure the ring you got engaged with, because it is expensive and most important of all, it has an immeasurable sentimental value for you and your significant other. For example, you do not want to pay for another diamond in case it suddenly falls off its setting and you lose it. Or even worse, if the entire ring falls down the drain. So, act smart and cover your precious jewel with an insurance. Check with your fiance first to see if the ring is already insured, because many jewelry retailers offer this kind of service at the moment of the purchase itself.



Does the ring you were destined to fall in love with feels too tight or maybe too lose? Then, obviously, it needs to be resized, so that you can enjoy in a pleasant, carefree wear that will allow you to perform all of your tasks. You can also take it to your jeweler to ask if they can embellish it with your initials or your special date, if wearing an engraved engagement ring has been one of your bucket-list wishes. Resizing usually comes for free in the store where the ring was purchased from.



No, this does not refer to shopping for clothes and bags, but shopping for ring dishes! You read it right – ring dishes. You do not want to do the cleaning with your engagement ring on, the same as you do not want to do baking and gardening; you do not even want to take a shower with it. Why? Because you do not want to put in danger its beauty, versatility and existence. That is why you need to buy a few ring dishes where you can store the ring before doing what you have to do in your home. Make sure to have one in each room for an easier and quicker access.


Heart-Shaped Ring Dishes



Create an opportunity to take a deep breath and relax from all the fuss. Pack your bags, get in the car and go somewhere where you can both enjoy in yourselves. No phones, no social life, just you and your beloved one. You can go to a spa, a mountain, you can even travel abroad if that is what you really want to do. The goal is to recharge your batteries, because a stressful, wedding-planning chapter will be right in front of you.



Someone has got engaged and that is you. When “got engaged” is translated in the “bride-to-be” language, it means that big questions are in front of you and you need to find even bigger answers. One of the first is – when are you getting married? Do you have a preferred date or maybe a season to tie the knot? If so, will it be possible to finish all the preparations in time? Of course, setting a wedding date should not be your decision only; you need to consider the opinion of your other half too.



This is one of the most important pre-wedding talks you will have with your partner. It is even more important than the wedding date itself. Why do I say that? Because even the wedding date plays a role in determining the overall cost of your wedding. For example, did you know that summer weddings are the most expensive ones? Logically, it is the holiday season. But, let’s get back to the main subject. To know what exactly you will be doing and how you will be doing it, you need to sit down with your partner and discuss numbers. No one knows better your financial capacities and limits than you two. To make it easier, write down on a piece of paper how many guests you want to have on your wedding. Then include or exclude the option of being financially supported by your parents.

If you don’t think that it is going to be possible to have a huge wedding, it is way better to accept the idea of having a low-cost one than to get a loan. Because you will feel the consequences from this “loan” decision in the long run and this is definitely not how you want to start your married life, right?


Wedding Planning - Setting A Budget



While singing the “I got engaged” song, make yourself a cup of black coffee and set yourself in a browsing mode. It is time to find a venue. There is a multitude of locations, prices and settings on the web, so take the time to do a thorough research to find a venue that will corresponds to your preferences. However, do not wait an eternity to book one, because you are not the only one getting married this year. Moreover, the longer you wait, the more the prices will grow. “The early bird catches the worm”, remember that one?



In other words, stay organized. Brace yourself and meet any upcoming challenge instead of running away from it. Anyone who got engaged is facing the same as you do, so you better use this thought as a source of ceaseless motivation. If you think that calendars and notebooks, even Google Drive cannot help you being fully organized, there is always the solution of hiring a professional who will take care of everything. Therefore, you can fully dedicate to thinking of your wedding dress and the jewelry you will accessorize it with. Speaking of which, you are more than invited to take a look at Kobelli’s updated collection of bridal jewelry where you can find mind-boggling designs for any taste and style.  


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