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Is There A Dressing Code For An Engagement Photo Shoot

couple looking at each other by the water

An engagement photo shoot is a great way to give eternity to one of the most important moments in your relationship. Therefore, these photos should be absolutely perfect and 100% you! Now, the question is: Is there a dressing code for an engagement photo shoot? Keep reading to find out the answer.



The most celebrated season in the year has just began and you are super-excited to capture some lovely photos with your partner. However, you still think that summer is a reserved for weddings, not for proposals. Well, let us tell you a secret – this season is perfect for a memorable photo shoot that signifies the celebration of a couple’s engagement. It might sound a bit cliché, but it is a pitty to not use the magical scenery offered by the ocean and the beach.


engaged couple kissing on the shore


This means that you should forget about wearing your dear stilettos on the sand and opt for some flat shoes instead. Or, the best idea of all is to be barefoot. It will give that natural, spontaneous feel which is beyond important to get the desired results of your photo shoot adventure. Think about wearing light, breathable fabrics and do not forget the hemlines. They are the symbol of a lady’s perfect summer outfit. If you are not really into hemlines and dresses, you can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable in your skin, because that is what will express your personal style.

You are also allowed to spice up the look with vibrant colors and prints, because after all, it is summer and in summer, everything is vivid and vibrant. Nautical designs are in high gear this season, so if you are lacking in ideas, this is an excellent one to consider.



If there is a particular time in the year that offers a full spectrum of rich and bold colors, that would definitely be fall. Hence, the reason why it is a very popular season for both wedding and engagement photo shoots. The first and most important rule is that the colors of your outfit should match the colors of your surrounding. Usually, the three most prominent colors in fall are gold, brown and red, so if you are being taken pictures outdoors, think about styling yourself in any of these shades.

Since the temperature in fall is a bit cooler, stick to the following formula:

long sleeves + knits + layers = JACKPOT!


girl in plaid shirt holding the hand of her fiance


Don't forget about the accessories, though. Fall climate is allowing you to add a fancy hat or a colorful scarf to your outfit. It will put a stronger accent on your looks, which will result in more catchy engagement photos. If you really want to catch the original fall vibe, make sure to have something plaid on you. This is the key feature for a more rustic appeal that stays unpretentious, elegant and in-theme. A warm, cozy sweater made of soft, woven fabric can do a great job to realize an engagement photo shoot with the same feel. The accessorizing part of the whole outfit-preparation process could be completed with a beautiful, warm-colored gemstone jewelry piece, whether if a ring, a necklace or a pair of earrings. Have your own word on this.



No, the cold weather cannot prevent you from looking stylish on your engagement photo shoot, so stop thinking that you should not do it in winter. Just think that winter is the most festive season in the year and that you have to transmit the same vibes on your photos. Take an advantage of the joyous Christmas and New Year’s Eve spirit and of course, the flashy décor of winter wonderland. Colored lights, snowflake lanterns and red ribbons will be everywhere around you, so make sure to have this fairy-tale wintry décor as the theme of your photo shoot. It will accentuate the feelings of love and romance, and that is exactly what you want to be seen in the photos, right?


couple having a winter engagement photo shoot


Since metallic is the color that dominates the entire season, you definitely need to have at least one such dazzling piece on you. Jewelry crafted of white gold and finished with high polish will help you get the most out of your stylish, winter look, by providing you with the necessary sparkle with no distraction. The season is full of special nights of celebration, so you can freely use one of your elegant cocktail dresses for your engagement photo shoot. Pair it with a statement-making heels and you are all set.

Tell your fiancé to complement your glittery look with a nice, dress shirt in one color and you are ready to captivate some great moments on the camera. If you want to play safe and be 100% ready to confront the unpredictable winter weather, take with you the fur coat you have been keeping in your closet for so long. It may be the perfect moment to use it.



Sweet and tender pastel colors is what distinguishes spring from the other three seasons, so you do not have to be skeptical to add them to your graceful engagement-photo-shoot look. Having the nature awakening from the long, winter dream symbolizes a new beginning and with this special occasion of yours, you are definitely starting a new page in your book of love. Therefore, you have to make it a one to remember. For example, why not accessorize your romantic, vintage-inspired clothing pieces with some floral necklace or maybe a floral crown?


romantic engagement photo shoot


If you don't have any other idea, this is a good place to start from. Pastels like pink, purple, blue and green are pretty much favored for the spring season and you can totally rely on them for your engagement photo shoot.  Our last word of advice is to put some lightweight sweater on you in case the spring breeze starts to feel chilly on your skin.

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