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How To Get The Best Look With Jewelry?

Woman Arranging Rings in A Jewelry Box (kyle-frederick-1042416-unsplash)

Accessorizing for an occasion is as important as choosing the right accessories. Obviously, the goal is to create the look that suits your posture and personality. There are so many options when it comes to jewelry that sometimes, a woman can easily make the entire “mix & match” thing go totally wrong. To avoid such an experience, Kobelli gives you a few tips on how to look your best with the jewelry you wear.



Did you know that rings and bracelets are the first ornamental accessories registered in the history of mankind? This not only means that they were worn to enhance the appearance, but also to show the wearer’s status. Surprisingly or not, this symbolic meaning is still “ON”, hence, the importance of putting a special attention to your selection. Both accessories need to flatter your hands, which can be successfully achieved if you follow these rules:

✦ Short and stubby fingers require to be adorned with narrow bands that do not go over the knuckle. The three diamond shapes that work best in making the fingers appear longer and slender are oval, marquise and pear. Another smart hack is to opt for thin, delicate rings in the eternity style.

✦ Long and thin fingers, on the other hand, require to avoid diamond shapes that elongate the finger, like the three aforementioned ones. Turn to the round brilliant look instead, as it will draw attention to the ring itself, rather than the finger. Wide bands also work well on slender fingers.

✦ Petite hands look awkward with large, chunky bracelets, so avoid them unless you are large-boned.  A stack of bangles will be the way to go in this case.


Mutiple Thin Rings & Metallic Bangles
Multiple Thin Rings & Metallic Bangles


The function of earrings is to put an accent to the face contours, which at the same time, entails the necessity to pick the design that really suits you. Generally, there are 6 types of face shapes: round, oval, square, rectangle, diamond and heart shape. To figure out your face shape and its features, follow this link.

✦ Oval-shaped women can consider themselves the luckiest ones, because most earring styles looks good on them. Probably, the least convenient style for them would be “dangle”, as it will elongate the face the same as with rectangle-shaped faces.

✦ Round-shaped faces do not need to accentuate their “fullness” even more, therefore, it is best to avoid hoops and big-button studs. Keep it low key with small, delicate and unpretentious earrings, such as medium-size studs designed in a different shape than your face’s, preferably. Your best options are princess and square cuts.

✦ Heart-shaped faces, sometimes also referred as “triangular”, are thinner by the chin and bring attention to the eyes. To get their best appearance, they need to be embellished with some geometric earrings, like a pair of chandeliers, for example.

Woman Wearing Colorful Skirt and Jewelry

Dangle Earrings Combined With Long, Colorful Skirt


Necklaces complement the frame and the way they look on the wearer depends on the body shape and size. This is the type of jewelry that stands out the most and has the power to change the viewer’s perception of height. Here is how to choose the perfect necklace for you:

✦ V-shaped and Y-shaped necklaces elongate the appearance and are recommended for women who are 5'4" tall or smaller. The necklace should sit on or just below the collarbone.

✦ Taller women who want to draw the attention from their height, should opt for necklaces that are 16-18 inch long.

✦ The shorter the neck, the thinner the necklace – is another rule for wearing necklaces. For instance, a choker would never look good on a short neck, so if this is your case, consider it a big no-no.

✦ Thick links and large chunky stones add volume and look best on large-boned women.

Fashion Girl Wearing Floral Dress and Compass Pendant

Minimalist Compass Pendant Combined With A V-Neckline Dress



1. Skin tone

One of the reasons why jewelry comes in different metal and gemstone colors is to match different skin tones. The basic thing to start from is to figure out which jewelry metal complements your skin tone.

● Usually, cool skin tones mostly tolerate silvery-white metals, such as silver, platinum and white gold. Warm skin tones, on the other hand, have their best appearance when combined with yellow gold. Rose gold is a newly added metal option in the fine jewelry world and by far, it has shown that it is flexible with a variety of skin tones. Therefore, if you still haven’t tried it yet – go for it.

● Blue and green-colored gemstones, such as sapphire, turquoise, aquamarine and blue topaz are recommended for cool skin tones.

● Yellow and red-colored gemstones, such as citrine, lemon quartz, tourmaline, garnet and ruby are recommended for warm skin tones.

● Diamond and moissanite are the only gemstones that make no difference which skin tone they complement, because their transparent icy-white color always looks good and can be easily paired with any other gemstone or metal color.


Woman Wearing Silver Gemstone Rings

Silver Gemstone Rings On A Cool Skin Tone 


2. Personality traits revealed by diamond shapes

It might seem strange or funny, but the way a diamond looks tells a lot about the personality of its wearer. Here are the details:

» Round: traditionally-minded, family-centered, security conscious and easy to get along with.

» Oval: creative, bold, individualistic, well-organized and willing to take risks.

» Pear: fun, adventurous, flexible and community-centered.

» Marquise: elegant, outgoing, exciting, experimental and career-centered.

» Heart: sentimental, romantic, feminine, trusting and dramatic.

» Radiant: confident, fun, flirty and efficient.

» Cushion: romantic, classy and fashionable.

» Emerald: confident, disciplined, honest and fashionable.

» Princess: flirty, lively, experimental and innovative.


We have slowly come to the end of this informative and hopefully, interesting-to-read article. Following any of these tips will help you up your jewelry game and create the look that suits you best. You can also use them as gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season. Happy selection!


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