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Here Is How Your Cocktail Ring Got Its Name

Oval Cocktail Ring with Black and White Diamonds in 18K Rose Gold

Striking, opulent and unforgettable, this is what makes cocktail rings a one-of-a-kind type of jewelry for women. They are designed for the sole purpose of putting on a show a lady’s gracefulness, including her elegance that is nothing to be compared to the ordinary. The dramatic beauty of these rings comes with a long and interesting history that you are about to learn if you decide to keep reading the lines that follow. One of the important things you will discover is how your fabulous cocktail ring got its name. Stay tuned.



The 1920s – 1930s period was an exceptionally delicate and confusing time not only across the United States, but Europe as well. Defined as a period of transition, these were the years were many heavily-rooted traditional values started to change, as a consequence to the pre-war tension and the political influence taking place. This period is also known in history as “The Jazz Age” and “The Roaring 20s” and it mostly remarkable for the emancipation of women in the society like never before. For example, they finally gained the right to vote and start working in other places besides their households.

The perception of how a woman should dress changed too. Long dresses and constraining corsets were no longer in fashion; short hairstyles combined with short skirts and trousers became immensely popular and established the brand-new look of 20th-century women. The newly created term that was used to describe these brave girls was “ flapper ”.


Ornate Floral Citrine Cocktail Ring in White Gold

Ornate Floral Citrine Cocktail Ring (14K White Gold)



The revolution which women of the 1920s started did not stop here. Despite the prohibition of producing, importing and selling alcoholic beverages on the entire territory of the United States, women started enjoying the thrills and pleasure of alcohol, cigarettes and gambling. They replaced their modest, discreet lives at home with partying and dancing in public bars. In addition to going to restaurants and operas, cocktail parties were indeed women’s favorite leisure and, as you can already imagine, this is how the cocktail ring emerged as a statement-making fashion accessory.

Oversize, exuberant and embellished with a medley of gemstones, this jewelry piece quickly became the main dress-up accessory of 1920s women. Another reason for the immense popularity of these rings is that they were suitable to be worn on any finger day and night. These adornments were so exposed that people started seeing them as a symbol of status, independence, rebellion and boldness. The most impressive thing about all of this? Women were buying their attention-drawing cocktail rings with their own money, thus overshadowing the long-existing perception of men being the only source of income in the family, which was the reason that was making women being dependent on them. Basically, this is were the history of feminism started.


Hand with Robust Smoky Quartz and Diamond Cocktail Ring in Rose Gold

Smoky Quartz and Diamond Cocktail Ring (14K Rose Gold)



Back in the day, cocktail rings were traditionally made with faceted stones, even though pearls and cabochon gems were not an exception too. Some of the most used precious stones for the designs of these rings were rubies, sapphires and emeralds that were selected in large sizes to emphasize the ring’s splendor and magnificence. Usually, these center stones were set in platinum and were surrounded by smaller pavé stones, mostly diamonds.

Modern designs, on the other hand, come in limitless editions and they include many other elements and gemstones, such as tourmaline, citrine, quartz and blue topaz. However, the “large size” principle is still respected, because this is what makes these rings remarkable and unique. Thanks to the sophisticated equipment to work with, jewelers now have the opportunity and freedom to shape the precious metals into any form and then bedeck it with any type, cut and color of precious stone. Some of the most captivating designs are nature-themed, including floral elements or animal-like shapes that can literally take the breath away.

Cocktail jewelry is perfect for any season and occasion, so there should be no special reason to enrich your personal collection with a jewel of this kind. Today, the cocktail ring makes part of any retailer’s jewelry collection, hence, you can easily find one that will completely fit your style and personal liking.


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