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Here Is How To Choose A Wedding Theme

fall wedding theme on the railroad

When browsing the options to color your upcoming wedding, you are looking for ways to be creative and engaging, but at the same time you want to be unique and offer your guests a one-of-a-kind event that will leave a big impression. The selection of the wedding theme, in fact, depends on a range of factors that help create the perfect mood for an unforgettable "I DO" day. Keep reading this bridal guide to get the directions you need to face the challenge.



Basically, your starting point should be the wedding date on which you are getting married. Is it in summer, fall, winter or maybe spring? The answer to this question is quite important, because it will determine the color palette you should consider for your wedding. Hence, if the big day is going to happen in fall, your wedding theme has to display the colors of a perfect fall day, such as golden yellow, brownish-orange, cognac, red or magenta. On the other hand, if you will tie the knot in spring, push your creativity button on to make some vibrant combination of pastel colors. Some of the most desired spring-themed hues for a wedding are rose quartz, soft peach, lilac grey and snorkel blue.



The place where your wedding reception will be held is also going to help you to pick the colors for your wedding theme. For instance, if the beach is what you and your partner have picked as your wedding location, add some white magic to it. You can also use ocean blue and silver tones that will match the scenery. If the venue is taking place in a garden or a rainforest, then you need to style your wedding with more natural elements to set the right mood. Here are some awesome color combinations to get inspired:

Purple, Orange and Burgundy

Yellow, Beige and Cinnamon

Green, Peach and Gold

Peach, Merlot and Sage

Gold, Ivory and Sage

Keep in mind that the wedding venue is a real springboard of inspiration whenever you feel lost in your wedding-theme decision making.


white ceramic vase with flowers on a wedding table



Since this is your once-in-a-lifetime wedding, it should represent your and your partner’s taste and character. Remember that the two of you should feel comfortable and special on your wedding day more than anyone else. Relaxed and intimate, or glamorous and party-like, it is up to you to set the vibe of your wedding theme. Bohemian-themed weddings with Art Deco details have been in the rise lately, as they exude a flair of luxury and prestige, but if you want to keep it low key, that is totally fine. You can also make the so-called “Love It Or Hate It” list to get a clearer perspective of what elements you would love (or not) to decorate your wedding with. The simple rule says that if the wedding couple feels comfy and contended, the guests will do as well.



Another factor that has a significant impact when it comes to this matter is the couple’s favorite color. This is the color that will work as the base of the entire wedding theme. Usually, future grooms left their better halves have the final word, because women are known for being more subtle in their choices. What we can say from our perspective is that classic, opulent weddings often display the hues of gold, black and silver, which are known as the contour colors that add more character to the wedding’s look. The modern wedding-color palette includes the following colors: hot pink, navy blue, cherry red, electric green, scarlet and bubble gum.


bride holding a bouquet of pink-petaled flowers



In addition to the aforementioned factors, some soon-to-be brides go a little bit further in their decision-making and pick a wedding theme that suits the look of their wedding dress. By look, we refer to the wedding dress’s color and design. This usually refers to dresses that are not traditionally white, but are something off-register. The modern practice is showing us that more and more brides want to skip the traditional bridal look, so if you are one of them , you have the opportunity to use your wedding dress as the setting for your wedding theme.



Wondering how? Well, you need a little inspiration and for that, you can always rely on the abundant image databases on Pinterest, Instagram and other similar platforms. Another option is to create your DIY mood board with wedding-theme designs you like and turn to a professional that will help you realize your ideas.

Following these Kobelli tips will surely help you get the most out of your planning when it comes to the wedding décor. Ask for more tips and advice in a comment below. Thank you for stopping by!

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