Handcrafted Men’s Wedding Bands: What Is Your Style?

Man Wearing a Handcrafted Diamond Wedding Band

Talking about jewelry is an instant mood booster for women, which they protect in such a boastful way that it seems like this is THE topic that no one else has an access to, except women themselves. Does this mean that a man should not spend a decent time on contemplating about his own jewelry taste, which in fact, will determine what is the right wedding band for him? Of course not. As a matter of fact, it looks like men are really starting to appreciate the depth of fine, elaborate jewelry, because the demand for handcrafted men’s wedding bands has been in a significant rise lately. This proves us that men too want to build a lifestyle stemmed from sophistication and elegance. Now, let’s see how the fashion-conscious man chooses his unique wedding ring.


The other boys from the crew call you the “Suit & Tie” guy, because you cannot escape the professional look even when you meet them in a bar for a beer or two. Your everyday is full of meetings that require a wardrobe loaded with shirts, suits and ties, so you definitely need an all-classic wedding band that can perfectly shoulder your busy schedule and the look of a successful businessman. Have you thought that a plain, “no fuss” titanium ring can be up to the challenge, because you will not just wear it for pleasure, but also for results? Reconsider this idea once again.

Our recommendation: Titanium Domed Band with Desert Ironwood Hardwood Sleeve


Titanium Domed Band with Desert Ironwood Hardwood Sleeve


It does not matter if someone thinks that your clothes are too preppy for your age; what matters is that you like it and most important of all, your beloved one loves it too. In fact, that is how she fell in love with you, right? Looking “casually” for you means wearing a double-breasted blazer, a nice pair of khakis and inevitably, a matching pair of lace-up shoes. Handcrafted men’s wedding bands that correspond to the preppy style usually feature some intricate details to preserve authenticity. For instance, a wedding band that carries a piece of the galaxy is beyond a tasteful choice, don’t you think so?

Our recommendation:
Cobalt Chrome Flat Band with Meteorite Strip Inlay

Cobalt Chrome Flat Band with Meteorite Strip Inlay


You firmly believe that you have been a mega rockstar in your previous life, because this lifestyle reflects each and every aspect of your personality. The favorite part of the day for you and your future wife is when you put on those all-black leather jackets along with your distressed punk boots and have a city tour on your edgy-luxe motorbike. You already know that you do not have much choice when it comes to handcrafted men’s wedding bands; you want your ring black in a real rock style.

Our recommendation:
Elysium Diamond Laser-Engraved Celtic Knot Beveled-Edge Black Band

Laser Engraved Celtic Knot Diamond Black Band


Streetwear is your thing and you know for no other. Everything that happens in your life is transformed into a beat that reflects your body and soul. You are the hip-hop guy that the entire neighborhood knows about. Now you have to match your jogger pants and snapbacks with a ring that will signify alliance with your girl who, very soon, you will be calling “my wife”. To stay true to your style, you need an awesome, bulky ring bedecked with some precious rocks. We have seen that rappers want their rings unique and shiny, so why not go for a shapely diamond wedding band?

Our recommendation: Men's Princess-Cut Diamond Band in 18K Two-Tone Gold



Mens Princess Cut Diamond Band in 18K Two Tone Gold


Besides the lovely arms of your better half, your second most favorite place to be at is the gym. This is where you keep your body in a good shape and truth be told, she loves those ripped muscles of yours. For you, there is no better way to feel comfortable in your own skin than by wearing high-performance gear, which includes joggers, jerseys and nylon vests. Of course, you are going to tie the knot soon, so you need an addition to your arsenal of must-have accessories. In other words, you need a casual and versatile wedding band. Start browsing around the offer of handcrafted men’s wedding bands that are made of an exceptionally hard metal and do not catch on clothes and other materials. You need a ring that will support your active lifestyle, that is for sure.

Our recommendation: Elysium Diamond Metal & Platinum Eternity Diamond Band


Men's Diamond Eternity Band in Elysium



You love the outdoors and you do not miss a single opportunity to spend time on connecting with nature and just fill your lungs with clean, fresh air. That is why your wardrobe is colored in natural tones that make part of your professional and private life. You are a simple rustic guy who enjoys wearing canvas jackets and plaid flannel shirts. That is why you need a ring that will be nature-inspired and 100% comfortable. Need a little help to solve the equation? Handcrafted men’s wedding bands carved out of quality hardwood are the answer you are looking for.

Our recommendation: Rustic Coarse Brush Textured in 14K Rose-Gold Band with Natcoco Hardwood Sleeve


Rustic Coarse Brush Textured in 14K Rose Gold Band with Natcoco Hardwood Sleeve


The Hollywood glamour is what inspires your everyday style and logically, you want to bring this one-of-a-kind magic to your groom attire too. That is perfect. We have no doubt that sweaters, suits and sunglasses are the pieces you do not leave your home without, as they best convey your personality and the ultimate refinement you aspire for. Handcrafted men’s wedding bands with a full-fledged classic design will perfectly complement even the most minimalist details of your look, such as the cufflinks and pocket squares. Choose a band of this kind to ensure that you will be dressed up to the nines for any occasion.

Our recommendation: Damascus Steel Domed Band with 14K Yellow-Gold Vertical Inlay & Black Diamond


Damascus Steel Domed Band with 14K Yellow Gold Vertical Inlay & Black Diamond


Need more ideas of handcrafted men’s wedding bands? Check out our full collection and we believe that you will find the wedding band that will entirely meet your expectations and of course, match the look of her picture-perfect engagement ring.

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