Guide: How to Choose an Eternity Ring

Diamond lovers are obsessed with diamond rings, and for good reason. A diamond ring’s luxurious aura and stunning look are peerless among jewelry sets. But if it’s your first time to purchase or even wear one, you might have a hard time choosing between full eternity, half eternity, or an ordinary side stone ring. The key to your decision lies in knowing how often you’re going to wear your ring.

Full eternity

A full eternity ring will be the crown jewel of your ring collection. But it won’t do you any good if it will only stay in your safe. There is no shame in flaunting it as the function of jewellery is to make you proud of yourself as well as the piece. Wear your full eternity ring during special occasions like anniversaries and other parties, and in seconds you’ll attract your friends’ attention. Be the envy of everybody as you sport a piece studded with diamonds all over. The sparkly allure of the mounted stones will say a lot about you, like how elegant and extravagant you are, and that perception would apply regardless if you are married or single.

The ring can also symbolize how much your special someone values you. But if you were the one who bought the ring for yourself, it is a testament to how much you love yourself. Such a lavish display of affection for yourself will tell others that you are someone who will never settle for anything less than elegance.

Nevertheless, you really do have to keep it in the safe from time to time, as wearing a full eternity ring too often exposes it to the elements and thieves, not to mention your own negligence. The diamonds on your full eternity ring are like teeth; they can loosen and fall out. The intricacy and delicacy of a full eternity ring also require you to get the right size for your finger the first time around. Once this ring is made, you can’t have it resized.

Half eternity

If you want to show the world your love for diamonds minus the things that encumber a full eternity ring, then you can go for a half eternity ring. Its name belies the fact that it is twice as durable as a full eternity ring, as a half eternity ring’s diamond-free metal rim is more resistant to wear and tear. Therefore, wearing just a half eternity ring would not reduce your standing among your party peers. A half eternity ring says you’re just practical, and there’s nothing wrong with that, yet you will still exude a majestic flare with a half eternity ring.

Despite its name, not all half eternity rings have diamonds fitted halfway along a ring’s shank. Some designs only place the diamonds along a small curve of the ring or even just near the mounted stone. These designs usually appear on rings made of a gold alloy, so that the golden luster is visible along with the diamond pieces themselves.

A half eternity ring would also match your existing engagement rings. But in addition to the aesthetics that wearing a half eternity ring would provide, wearing this ring along with your engagement rings would help protect them against wear and tear from daily use. 

Side stone: the classic

A side stone ring contains one mounted diamond, sometimes with two smaller side stones. A half eternity or full eternity ring could also be a hybrid of a side stone ring as these two kinds of rings may also sport a mounted center stone, in addition to the diamonds that line their rims. A half eternity-side stone combo strikes a balance between extravagance and simplicity, while a full eternity side stone hybrid would emphasize the former.

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