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Engagement Ring Etiquette: What You Need to Know

Engagement Ring Etiquette


An engagement ring is a symbolic meaning of the love shared between two individuals. It's the most significant piece of jewelry you’ll ever wear.

The day will come when your significant other will get down on his knee to ask the magical question with a ring ready to be worn. Before that happens, your partner will go through the process of finding the right ring for you, with or without your knowledge.

That said, it's best to know how to deal with this matter. Here's what you need to know about the basic etiquette when it comes to choosing an engagement ring:

Picking out an engagement ring.

In most cases, your partner should be the one to select and buy the engagement ring for you. However, that isn't always the case. 

First, what if your partner wants your help in searching for the right ring? Chances are is that you think it's inappropriate, as doing so loses the element of surprise. 

Statistics show that 62 percent of couples now go shopping for an engagement ring together because it's more practical to do so. However, if you aren't comfortable with this idea, tell him directly. 

 Second, what if your sister or your best friend will help your partner pick out the right ring for you? Is this appropriate? Yes! Your partner won't have the hardest time looking for the best ring, and you'll get what suits you the best. 

Spending on an engagement ring.

When is it too expensive? It all boils down to your partner's financial situation. It's a popular belief that men should spend about three months of their salary. 

However, regardless of this misconception, your partner should spend whatever he feels comfortable with. It isn't practical to go overboard when you and your partner are heavily in debt or concerned about job security. Better yet, have a practical, casual conversation and discuss the finances together.  

Not knowing the ring size.

It helps to check out an extensive ring size guide for an accurate measurement. Another option is to have your finger size measured at a jewelry shop. 

To Wrap Up

An engagement ring is a symbol of a lasting relationship and your future marital life - but nothing beats the love you have for your partner. Regardless of the engagement ring, love conquers all. 

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