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Did You Know That Sapphire Engagement Ring Sets Are Trending On Google?

Round Sapphire Engagement Ring with Side Baguette Diamonds

Yes, they are. And you better believe it. Sapphire is the precious rock that seems to be winning women’s hearts this year, or I should better say, this wedding season. For centuries, its royal blueness has been the color of admiration and amazement, which is exactly what inspired our masterclass jewelers to create extraordinary sapphire engagement ring sets and even beyond that. Take a look at some of the most sought-after ones, presented to you with utmost delight.



If you have been dreaming of a sapphire-inspired fantasy your whole life, especially now when you are so close to tying the knot, make this bridal set yours and his majesty will make your dream come true. Couldn’t think of a lovelier introduction to the mesmerizing beauty of this criss cross bridal set and its two pieces, both crafted in 14K fine-quality white gold.


Sapphire and Halo Cushion Diamond Criss Cross Bridal Set in 14K White Gold


Their interwoven contours speak loud and clear about the delicateness and the amount of work put into this jewelry creation, which is going to shoulder your vintage style with a roundup of 80 stones. One of them, is a gorgeous, round-cut blue sapphire that is playing the role of a breathtaking centerpiece embraced by a halo of smaller white diamond accents.

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Some sapphire engagement ring sets are admired for their opulence, while others for the unique sensation of flattering brilliance that becomes the center of attention with each and every of her movements. For an enchanting bridal look, you need a set of this kind, a one that will bring you countless moments of pure elegance. It is not a surprise why this Kobelli item is part of the best-selling bridal sets from our collection – its inherent charm can be perceived all along its high-polished look made of 14 white-gold karats.


Princess Diamond and Sapphire Bridal Set in 14K White Gold


There are the three adorable center stones whose outstanding sparkle is supported by two rows of round diamond accents. It seems like “3” has a symbolic meaning for this set of bridal rings, because besides the trio of main rocks, the design itself includes three different shapes – princess, square and round. All of the precious-stone beauty is concentrated at the engagement ring, while the complementary contoured band features a plain, silky look that is free of stones.

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Is it possible to not feel inspired by the scrumptiousness of this bridal set and immediately imagine a big time wedding that will be all about opulence and supreme gracefulness? Looking at its large pillow-like moissanite center nestled in a touching halo design gives an instant answer to this question, which I believe, is one of the first things that come to the mind of the observer. Blending the magnificence of three majestic stones, like diamond, moissanite and sapphire, this precious jewelry adornment guarantees to make you feel like the whole world stops or at the very least, it revolves around it.


Round Moissanite Bridal Set with Diamond and Sapphire

The engagement ring is bedecked with four square side diamonds that add more contrast to the crystal-white shimmer of diamond and moissanite. All in all, there are 56 stones to fully enjoy in and of course, to entirely trust, so that they can help you leave a forever-to-be-remembered impression of a brilliantly beautiful bride who has a pretty good taste, by the way.

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The celestial hues of sapphire, the stone of wisdom and nobility, could not find a better place to show off their magnificence, than the looks of the classy lady. I know that you already have a soft spot for this compelling bridal set, which sincerely, is one of my top favorites in this tight competition between Kobelli’s best-selling sapphire engagement ring sets. As a fantastic choice for fine bridal jewelry, both the engagement and the wedding ring will give you a real-time beauty flash, thanks to their intricate milgrain design that makes home to 52 prong-set stones.


Floral Sapphire Engagement Ring Set with Diamond Accents

We would all agree that the engagement ring is nothing, but a true work of art that proves how tasteful a jewelry piece can be when crafted with lots of love, passion and expertise. The blue sapphire center is surrounded by a cluster of smaller round diamonds on both sides, whose fiery sparkle melts into the brilliance of the many accent stones covering the band. The entire set is labeled “14K white gold” that stands for surpassing quality.

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Let’s be honest – all women are craving a big bauble on their left hand, which will represent the immensity and strength of their love life on one hand, and their inherent sense of glamour, on the other. The message conveyed by this bridal set’s look is “You deserve to stun in any part of your day and night, regardless of the people you will meet or the clothes you will wear”. Isn’t that exactly what you are looking for? Of course you are, so wait no longer to make this sublime adornment yours and yours only.


Blue Sapphire and Diamond Double Halo Split Shank Bridal Set


Your fingers will appear way more flattering with the opulent engagement ring fashioned in a double-halo mode, while featuring a midnight blue sapphire gem in prong setting right in the middle of it. Many sapphire engagement ring sets are jealous of this heart winner and you can easily understand why. The engagement ring is complemented with a matching wedding band that is proudly contributing to the spectacular number of 123 precious stones nestled in a speck of 14K high-polished white gold.

⤷ To find out more about this set, click here.




Ever wondered if sapphire engagement ring sets can be as shimmering as the one you are currently laying eyes on? The myth is finally busted – sapphire engagement ring sets CAN have a stellar-like look of this kind, if made with fine-quality materials and “spiced up” with that special touch of skillfulness coming from the artisan’s hand. Daring, but worth it, this set is going to rock your spunky style as easy as 1-2-3 with its handsome engagement ring adorned with baguette, princess and square stones, including a matching wedding band remarkable for its smooth and silky white-gold look.


Multi-Cut Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring Set with Diamond

Thanks to the 4 delicate dreamy-blue side sapphires and the army icy-white diamonds  in both central and accent positions, the future bride is offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get that missing piece of sparkle and enjoy in it for an eternity. All stones that are making part of this Kobelli bridal set meet the standards for ethical jewelry shopping, so if wearing eco-friendly jewelry is another big requirement of yours, look no further than this creation crafted of 14K high-polished white gold.

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If you have an old Boho soul, let me say this one for you – you are looking around for sapphire engagement ring sets, hoping that you will eventually find the one that will speak your heart. Guess what? It seems like you have already found it, so congratulations on that! There are many reasons why you are going to love this precious bauble so much and will make it your signature jewelry; one of them, is of course, the striking 
moissanite center that is 6.5mm wide and covers a great deal of the ring’s resplendent design.


Antique Moissanite and Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring Set

The other one is the noteworthy floral pattern that is showcasing 12 heartwarming blue sapphires scattered on a vintage-inspired leafy design. The last, but not the least feature that is making this set one of the most elaborate sapphire engagement ring sets you have seen in your whole life, is the milgrain edging that promotes generosity and subtlety at their finest. Seeing the engagement ring from a vertical, near-side perspective will leave you in awe, thanks to the intricate antique engravings that speak a lot about the authenticity and supremacy of the entire creation.  

⤷ To find out more about this set, click here.




You want to leave the best impression on your wedding day and for that, you are counting not just on the divine dress you will wear, but also the set of rings you will exchange vows with. To go for this amazing sapphire and diamond handiwork means to ensure yourself a one-way ticket to the world of fantasy when you can celebrate love, passion, pleasure, elegance and femininity. This item takes pride in being one of the most admired three-stone sapphire engagement ring sets whose ultimate goal is to symbolize the past, the present and the future of one’s relationship.


Blue Sapphire and Diamond 3-Stone Halo Bridal Set

A woman feels reborn the moment she puts this arresting set on her fourth finger, carved out of 14 ultra-shiny white-gold karats. All three center stones are warmly embraced by a glossy halo of tiny diamonds in round cut, each of them fastened in a secure prong setting. Both the engagement ring and the wedding band are half-circle encrusted with the crushed-ice look of 60 white stones whose grades of fire and brilliance go beyond the notion of “modest” or “normal”. The only way to prove that on your own is to bring this candy to your precious collection ASAP.

⤷ To find out more about this set, click here.




It is true, today’s offer of sapphire engagement ring sets includes a myriad of styles, but the bigger truth is that it is not that easy to find a one with a strong vintage flavor for the Bohemian lady. A little bird told us that you are looking for something intense and off-register, with the explanation that you are a woman who transmits vibes of generosity and confidence wherever she appears. That is why you are being presented to this enchanting white-gold bridal set, which includes one engagement ring in solitaire style and an offbeat wedding band in eternity mode.


Vintage Floral Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring Set

When customers are asked what is the first thing they notice at this bridal set, the common answer is – the velvety cornflower blue color of the center stone. So, it is not the size, nor the shape, it is the color that is driving women crazy about this two-piece bridal set, whose attractiveness is sophisticated with a milgrain edging and supreme polish for maximum brilliance. If you agree with everything said about this Kobelli masterpiece, stop your quest for sapphire engagement ring sets, because you have found THE ONE!

⤷ To find out more about this set, click here.




Since forever, sapphire has been associated with sacred things, which is a great explanation why the gem of gems is today’s biggest Google trend when it comes to bridal jewelry shopping. Sapphire engagement ring sets are writing a history and you better make sure to be a part of it. Your upcoming wedding is the perfect reason to treat yourself to a bridal set that will work as an explicit expression of who you are. That being said, there is no way that your femininity will go unnoticed or that you won’t display the right mix of traditionalism and stylishness with this outstanding jewelry adornment on you.


Hexagon Halo Sapphire and Diamond Bridal Set


Two curvy pieces with an out-of-this-world shine are included in the design, both fashioned in 14K white gold of finest quality. 7 blue sapphires and 39 white diamonds are the star ingredients that make this bridal set not just luxurious, but also magical. If still have not decided which of all the aforementioned sapphire engagement ring sets to go for, the least you can do is to put this one into a serious consideration. Also available in yellow gold and rose gold.

⤷ To find out more about this set, click here.


That’s all folks! These were the most popular sapphire engagement ring sets coming from our workshop. If you need any professional advice on your bridal set selection, feel free to get in touch with our team at

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