Brides Choose Moissanite Over Diamonds

Brides Choose Moissanite Over Diamonds

here's why

Moissanite is gaining more popularity among brides-to-be these days. Jewelers have noted an increase in sales of moissanite rings compared to diamond rings. Moissanite is a rare mineral found in meteorites, and the crystal is made of silicon carbide. Rings made of moissanite are just as beautiful and as durable as diamonds, yet less expensive and sparklier. Here are some of the reasons that brides prefer moissanite over diamonds:

1. Moissanite is less expensive than diamond

Diamond has been touted as a rare mineral for centuries because, in the 1700s, India used to be the only source. Today, however, diamond is found in different mining sites across the world, making you rethink its rarity. What does make it rare is the fact that the De Beers Group has control over most of these mining sites, with their monopoly driving the high prices. Aside from managing the mining sites, De Beers also own distribution companies and sellers worldwide.


Moissanite tends to be a lot less expensive than diamond because the majority is lab-grown and synthetic.

2. Moissanite is available in different cuts

You can find moissanite in a variety of cuts, including the princess cut, heart, and Asscher. Because the mineral costs less than diamond, brides can opt for larger stones. Others, however, still prefer small ones so that the gems don’t attract too much attention. Moissanite has more sparkle and brilliance than a diamond.

3. Moissanite is not a blood mineral

Moissanite is conflict-free, unlike many diamonds that are mined in war zones. Some diamonds have been called blood diamonds because locals mine them and sell them to fund their military activities. While companies have said that the majority of blood diamond mining has ceased operations, there is no sufficient evidence. In South Africa, for instance, there are diamond mines that are in conflict areas that are hard to reach.

4. Moissanite is more practical

A fancy proposal and a beautiful wedding is many a woman’s dream. Nevertheless, you have to be smart about it. Moissanite is a more practical option for couples as they begin their married life. They will surely face several expenses, and with a moissanite stone, they can save money on the ring while still getting to enjoy something absolutely beautiful.

5. Diamonds are a misguided investment option

Many couples purchase diamond stones for their engagement and wedding rings, thinking that they are a good investment for the future. However, diamonds are actually depreciating assets, and with the jacked-up prices, consider yourself lucky if you manage to sell them for the actual price. As some couples realize this, they go for the cheaper option—moissanite—and put their investment somewhere else.


Moissanite is becoming a more popular option than diamonds. Several factors are contributing to this, including the price differences. Moissanite is just as beautiful as a diamond but sparkles more than the latter. It is also highly durable and nearly just as hard.

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