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Black Diamond Bridal Sets: What You Need To Know About Them

Custom-Made Black Diamond Engagement Ring with White Diamond Halo

One of the many things we love about diamonds is that they appear in a spectrum of colors, each evoking a unique sensation on its own. From what we have been able to see lately, women are tempted to experience the mystic elegance of black diamonds, hence, the increased interest in black diamond bridal sets. This article is your perfect occasion to discover anything you have ever wanted to know about this intriguing diamond color and become the next jewelry guru!


You might be surprised, but the journey of black diamonds is not as long as expected. They have been around for three centuries only, which makes them a relatively new discovery, compared to other precious stones, like turquoise, which has a mining history of more than 2000 years. Based on the available gemological information, the first black diamonds were discovered in Brazil, 1840. They were initially called “carbonados”, due to the intense graphite color. Without the authentic shine, they would literally look like pieces of charcoal.


Three-Stone Black and White Diamond Bridal Set

Three-Stone Black & White Diamond Bridal Set

Despite their unique look, black diamonds were quite underestimated in gemstone jewelry. It was because of their color that was mainly associated with negative connotations, like fear, death and mystery. For instance, in India, a black diamond is still considered a cursed stone, as it is resembles a snake’s eye. In Italy, on the other hand, black diamonds are treasured as precious stones that promote reconciliation, hence, the explanation why they are often used by couples who want to save their relationship or marriage. The belief is that if the couple touches a black diamond, their problems will be transmitted to the stone and will be gone for good.

The person who made a sudden and complete turnabout in the popularity of black diamond jewelry was Queen Victoria. In the period between 1860 – 1880 she publicized the black diamond mourning jewelry, which quickly aroused as a new fashion trend not only in the country, but the entire world. This was actually the major historical event which set the grounds for the making of black diamond bridal sets.


Black Diamond Bridal Set with White Princess DiamondsYou cannot truly understand the beauty of black diamonds if not being aware of the process of their creation. They have practically the same structure as white diamonds; both are mainly composed of crystallized carbon. The black color of a diamond comes as a result of the presence of graphite inclusions within the stone. These inclusions occur naturally in mined black diamonds; they can be also created in white diamonds which are treated with high temperature and radiation.

Princess Black & White Diamond Bridal Set

Since natural black diamonds are rare and expensive, most of the black diamond offer on the marketplace is man-made. Therefore, the black diamond bridal sets you will find today and will completely fall in love with are not just alluring, but are also affordable and conflict-free. In case money is not an issue and you want to treat yourself or someone close to your heart with a natural black-colored stone, make sure it comes straight from the mines of Brazil or Central Africa. These are the only locations in the world where natural black diamonds can be found.



Throughout history, black diamonds have been spotted on many eminent figures in all aspects of society: rulers, royal family members, politicians, celebrities, fashion icons, etc. Therefore, the collection of world’s most famous black diamonds includes:

- The Spirit of de Grisogono

Known as the largest black diamond ever, featuring a total carat weight of 312.24 CTW. The Spirit of de Grisogono ranks 5th on the list of world’s largest diamonds in all categories. This magnificent black stone is set in a white-gold engagement ring design with a collection of 702 additional white diamonds. It was mined in Central Africa in the 1990s with an original weight of 587 carats. Later on, it was brought to Switzerland where it was given a mesmerizing rose-cut look.

- The Black Orlov

Discovered in the early 19th century in India. It was found as a 195-carat stone and cut into a 67.50-carat diamond in cushion shape. The legend says that it has been stolen from a Brahma statue in a temple in India. Hence, its second name - “The Eye of Brahma”. Today, the Black Orlov is nestled in a halo-styled pendant, accompanied with 108 white diamonds, all being part of a white-gold necklace that is further adorned with 124 white diamonds.

- The Amsterdam Diamond

Known as the diamond that has been sold for the highest price ever at auction. The event took place in 2001 and the amount of money in question is $352,000. It is a 55.8-carat black diamond (rough weight) cut into a pear-shape stone that weighs 33.74 carats. The Amsterdam diamond has 145 facets and it is framed in a white-gold pendant setting. Cherished for its opaque luster and the fact of being the largest mono-crystalline natural black diamond in the world.

- The Black Rembrandt

Found as a rough black diamond of 125 carats, The Black Rembrandt was cut into a 42.27-carat round-brilliant stone, for which it took three years and three days. The black diamond center was set in a halo-styled pendant with smaller white diamonds and sold at auction in Geneva, 2005 for an estimated $49,800.


In addition to the authentic look, another reason for the raised interest in the “black and white diamond” jewelry style is the fact that black diamonds shine differently from white diamonds. Therefore, instead of reflecting the light, they absorb it, which means that their allure comes right from their marble-polished surface. Black diamond bridal sets are considered a fancy, non-traditional choice for brides who want to stand out in the crowd and be long-remembered. The affordability of man-made black diamonds contributes a lot to the expectations that the demand for black diamond bridal sets will continue to rise. 

Their value is determined according to the typical “4Cs”, including cut, clarity, color and shape. The most preferable option is black diamond bridal sets with smooth surface and simple cut (usually featuring 16 facets).

To be sure of the genuineness and value of your black-diamond piece, make sure you are provided with a grading report from any of the reputable gemological labs on the market, including GIA, IGI and AGS. Do not settle for any purchase that does not include a certificate of the originality of the precious stone(s) you are planning to buy.

Last but not least, wearing black diamond bridal sets brings the risk of breaking and chipping when exposed to sharp blows. It is due to the fact that black diamonds include thousands of microscopic fractures that make them vulnerable to physical impacts.

If you liked this introduction to the history, beauty and merit of black diamond bridal sets, give us the thumbs up in the comment section below. Cheers!

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