Amethyst: The Contender To The “2019 Best-Selling Gemstone” Award

Rough, Uncut Purple Amethyst Gemstone

A  new year has just begun and we can already see which specimens are topping the charts in the gemstone industry. Among them, amethyst is one of the top-ranked colored gemstones and so far, the odds are in its favor to become the 2019 best-selling gemstone. So, if vivid purple vibes are going to be felt all year round, there is no better opportunity than this one to dedicate an all-inclusive article about amethyst, which you can use as a backdrop for your next jewelry purchase. Enjoy!


Amethyst has been long loved and cherished for contributing to the jewelry craftsmanship in a way that it gives the most inspiring adornments which promise an everlasting, full-on glam. Purple or violet, no matter how you call it, the big truth hiding behind this color is that it is dramatic, feminine, daring and provocative. The meanings of purple are many and mentioning all of them will surely going to blow your mind, so here are some of the most impressive ones that make a woman want to immediately bring a purple-colored piece into her life: nobility, luxury, power, wealth, wisdom, independence and of course, mystery. Driven by the fact that purple is a mixture of a cold and a warm color, it is easily understandable that wearing an amethyst jewel will beautifully expose a lady’s subtlety and leadership traits. Hence, another key reason why this gemstone deserves to be chosen as the 2019 best-selling gemstone.



Scoring 7 on the Mohs level of hardness and enjoying a reputation of an inclusion-free precious stone, amethyst goes hand in hand with sapphire as royal families’ ultimate selection for heirloom jewelry. In days long gone, the purple color was allowed to be worn by the upper class only, as it symbolized power, dignity and prestige. Today, everyone can wear purple, so why not you as well? If not having an amethyst jewelry piece in your collection yet, this year is the right timing to get yourself one, which we believe, will become your all-time favorite accessory.

Oval Lavender Amethyst and Diamond Halo Split-Shank Ring

Oval Lavender Amethyst & Diamond Halo Split-Shank Ring

The enormous reputation of amethyst can be also confirmed in historical terms, if we take into consideration the fact that this compelling gemstone was a part of Ancient Egyptians’ signature jewelry, the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom and the French Crown Jewels. Obviously, the journey of amethyst is long and exciting, as we can tell from the opulence and the impression that this precious stone leaves anytime it is seen. But, in which period of the history amethyst was seen in the most daring jewelry creations and in abundance? The answer is clear – it is the Art Deco era when the purple hue of amethyst reflected not only the mood of the economic and social revolution, but also the lifestyle changes. Cut into large, lust-worthy geometric shapes, the amethyst gemstone was definitely one of jewelers’ favorite stones to work with and create a real masterpiece out of it.



Amethyst, the purple-hued stone that runs for 2019 best-selling gemstone is available in a spectrum of tones, from light purple to deeply saturated purple. For example, light purple (lavender) exudes the meaning of grace, femininity and elegance. Deep purple, on the other hand, is associated with strength, pride and mystery. Some women choose their amethyst jewelry according to this interesting color division, but for others, it is the plain “purpleness” of the gem that counts, because purple is said to promote imagination, intelligence, positive energy and revitalization.


Cushion Lavender Amethyst and Diamond Multi-Row Ring

Cushion Lavender Amethyst & Diamond Multi-Row Ring

The amethysts with the palest purple color usually come from Veracruz and Guerrero, both located in Mexico. Quite often, pale amethysts are heat-treated in order to enhance their color, because in jewelry, the darker tones are considered more valuable. Non-treated amethysts with a visibly dark purple hue are mostly mined in Uruguay, Russia and Siberia. Siberian amethysts enjoy the most out of recognition in the gemstone jewelry world and they come at the highest prices of all amethyst colors. The quality of a Siberian amethyst is seen on the same level as the quality of the diamond.

Other prominent amethyst sources are Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Australia, the United States and South Africa.



For our readers who have not known yet, amethyst is the birthstone for February, the month that every year is impatiently awaited to bring the biggest holiday of love, Valentine’s Day. There is one particular story that closely associates amethyst with Valentine’s Day; in mythology, it is mentioned that Saint Valentine was wearing a set of rings embellished with an amethyst gemstone which was carved with an image of the Roman god of love, Cupid. Therefore, amethyst is beyond an excellent choice to be offered and received as a special gift on February 14. Thanks to its authentic love significance, it will add more intensity to the romantic feelings and create an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.


Amethyst Solitaire Gold Chain Ring

Amethyst Solitaire Gold Chain Ring

Can you imagine how amethyst was born as a precious colored gem, according to mythology? We bet you can not, but that is why you are here to delight us with your presence and learn some more attention-grabbing information about the greatest pretender for the “2019 best-selling gemstone” title. The story goes like this: there was a young girl whose name was Amethyst and she became the target of the Greek god Dionysus’s madness (the god of the grape harvest and wine), after he got heavily drunk on red wine. The young girl’s cries for help were heard by the goddess Diana (the goddess of the moon, the hunt and nature), so in order to save her, she turned Amethyst into a white, dazzling, quartz-like stone. When god Dionysus got sober, he started grieving for his bad actions and tears of remorse started to fill his glass of red wine. Suddenly, the glass overturned and the liquid from it spilled over the white stone, which explains perfectly how amethyst got its marvelous purple color, thanks to which it entered the competition for 2019 best-selling gemstone.



Undoubtedly, amethyst is an amazing gemstone that every woman deserves to have in her possession, not only for its spellbinding beauty, but also because of the many powerful properties that are specifically associated with it. So, if you want to look chic and elegant, get yourself an amethyst piece; if you want to sharpen your intelligence and overcome the emotional issues, you need the healing power of amethyst; if you want to bring back the passion into your love relationship, choose no other gemstone than the gorgeous amethyst. Are not these enough reasons to give your vote to this spectacular precious stone and make it the 2019 best-selling gemstone? Our vote is already given, it is your turn.

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