A Sneak Peek at Kobelli's Latest Designs of Bridal Set Rings

round moissanite and diamond bridal set ring

A little bird told us that soon you will change your status from “Miss” to “Mrs.” , so we thought  this is the right time to start looking for bridal jewelry. Time flies and you definitely do not want to get stuck in completing your “Mrs.” look. We felicitate you for stopping by at our blog, because what you are about to discover is our collection of brand new bridal set rings that we promise, will hold your attention and ignite your desire for fine, sophisticated jewelry.




three stone princess diamond bridal set


The glittering beauty of this awe-inspiring jewelry creation is full of diamond magic. For a start, there is the gorgeous engagement ring centered with three princess diamonds, all sitting with lots of pride and dignity in their sophisticated prong setting. Their out-of-this world luster is enhanced with 26 smaller diamonds nestled in the curvy design of the matching wedding band. Both rings are made out of 14K white gold and you cannot imagine the look they give to a lady’s hand. Try them, prove them and do not forget to send us a picture of you exchanging vows with them.

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7 stone diamond bridal set in yellow gold


If “elegance” is your language, then let your dearest accessories be the punctuation. The bridal set is the type of jewelry that a woman wears for the rest of her life, and this one is absolutely speaking “elegance” in all languages. When looking at it, one cannot decide what is the feature that captivates more the attention – whether it is the delightful yellow-gold setting or it is the collection of 7 mesmerizing princess diamonds.

No matter what the answer is, one thing is for sure – one feature cannot go without the other, as this is what makes this bridal set so uniquely beautiful. In case you have a special fondness for it, we feel obliged to tell you that wearing this piece of bridal jewelry will give the most out of stately appearance to your hand.

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black and white diamond bridal set

Not only rose gold has been ruling the jewelry world in the past few years, but black diamonds too. Yes, black diamonds. Long gone are the days when superstitions about their bad energy was seeding fear in people’s minds and stopped them from enjoying in the black diamond majesty. We would all agree that there is no other color that exemplifies refinement stronger and better than black itself.

So, if you want to spice up the most special day in your life with this “ingredient”, have no doubts to go for this spectacular bridal jewelry. The set includes a round-styled engagement ring crowned with a 3/4-carat black diamond and a matching wedding band. One of the best things about it is that its shine and color allow you to match it with every piece of your wardrobe.

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round diamond bridal set in white gold

Once this diamond wedding set arrives to your look, it will instantly become your everyday essential. And let’s make it clear -  it is not only because of the fact that it is the jewelry that relates you with your beloved one, but also because it has so much beauty and brilliance to offer that you could not get enough of. This is a classic white-gold bridal set with modern groove, featuring a round diamond engagement ring and a complementary plain wedding band.
Carved out of 14K high-polished white gold, this set proves that a sophisticated woman does not need a bunch of diamonds to look the way she wants. You can do the same, so do not be reluctant to pick this bridal jewelry for your special occasion. It will make you look startling, we promise.

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round diamond bridal set ring in yellow gold

Who says that you cannot look like a million dollars without spending that much on your ultimate bridal look? Of course you can, if you put your trust and love into the prestigious design of this bridal set that is entirely crafted in 14K high-polished white gold. The secret power of this jewelry adornment is to captivate everyone’s attention with its blinding brilliance coming from the medley of 14 dazzling diamonds, each of them sculpted in the traditional round-brilliant cut. All diamonds are prong-set and they are tastefully arranged on two matching pieces – one engagement ring and one wedding band of the same quality.

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three stone round diamond bridal set

Have you heard the news? This is the best-selling Kobelli bridal set for the past two months and if you want to be part of the trend, you know what your next step should be. We cannot be more excited to present you this enticing diamond wedding set that if you choose it, will come to your hand with an impressive three-stone engagement ring and a matching wedding band embellished with 14 round diamond accents.
Both pieces are designed in a way to allow you wearing them separately or together, but our warmest advice is to go for the second option, because there is a one-of-a-kind 14K white-gold magic you absolutely cannot miss.
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emerald cut diamond bridal set in white gold

There is no better way to finish this adventure than with the best we have- our sublime emerald diamond bridal set that for us, right now, feels like the cherry on the cake. Can you feel the same vibes out there? If you do, consider this jewelry creation a serious favorite while making your final decision and do not forget that it will reinvent your look by bringing you immeasurable doses of magnificence and royal flair.
The set would not be as flattering as it is without the presence of the additional 31 pavé-set diamonds that are flawlessly arranged to make the perfect throne to the handsome 1-carat emerald diamond center.
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