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7 Easy Ways To Make An Engagement Ring Appear Larger

Cushion-Cut Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold

An engagement ring should be something that your significant other can cherish forever. This means that the first time that pick it out, you should make sure that it will give your loved one the wow factor. The best way to do that is to make your engagement ring to appear as big as possible! Listed below are some tips that you can follow:


1. Get the Right Cut

Make sure to get the best cut possible as it will affect how well the diamond reflects light, specifically the way its facets and angles were cut. The more the light is reflected, the larger your diamond will look.


2. Pick Round or Oval Cut Diamonds

The right diamond shapes can give the illusion of a bigger stone. Round diamonds can be a great choice in this regard. Due to its circular cut, it is able to reflect light better, giving it more of a sparkle that makes the diamond appear larger. In addition to round diamonds, ovals that have elongated cuts are another choice that can make the stone look bigger on the ring finger. Likewise, a marquise shape and an emerald shape can provide the same effect. All of these cuts mentioned are able to create the illusion of a bigger-looking stone than their true carat weight.


Oval Moissanite and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Oval Moissanite & Diamond Halo Engagement Ring


3. Stay Away From Cushion Cut Diamonds

There are also shapes that will make the stone appear smaller. Cushion cuts, in particular, have more of a square or rectangular shape, and their carat weight is below the surface in which it cannot be seen. Cushion cut diamonds are also one of the most expensive diamond cuts out there as well.


4. Opt For Slim and Fewer Prongs

To make the stone appear as large as possible, opt for prongs that are slender enough so that the stone can be the focal point. By having discreet prongs, the diamond’s surface area can be more visible. Not only should you choose slim prongs, but you should also opt for rings that have fewer prongs as well. This will make the jewel center of attention and not being covered by the prongs.


5. Consider Getting Colored Stones

Although a traditional diamond is a classic, you might want to consider colored stones as well. Colors such as pale hues of yellow, pink, green, or blue are some excellent options that can give the illusion of larger stones.


Antique Round Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

Antique Round Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring


6. Consider Giving Up on Color and Clarity of the Diamond

If the size of your diamond really matters, you can stretch your budget for a larger carat stone with a lower clarity or color. Your diamond will still look as glamorous as you hope it would.


7. Pick a Small and Thin Band

Pick a delicate and narrow band so that the diamond can appear more sizable in comparison. You should opt for a pinched shank, a type of band that tapers in as it gets close to the center, which will accent the center stone.

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