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4 Ways to Make Your Engagement Ring Truly Unique (What to Know)

4 Ways to Make Your 

Engagement Ring Truly Unique 

(What to Know)

As the symbol of a huge milestone in a relationship, an engagement ring goes far beyond being just a “gift” or a symbol of love. 

It represents the beginning of a renewed commitment and a serious emotional investment that cannot be overtaken by anything else. While the term “engagement ring” might cause people to hear wedding bells ring, an engagement ring is, first and foremost, a physical representation of a special bond between two people who choose to be together for better or for worse — a lot more than just an ornament.

The reality of getting an engagement ring

If you’ve been intending to take your relationship to the next level with an engagement ring, a proposal, and an opportunity to start planning your dream wedding, there’s no doubt that a love that will last for a lifetime is on your mind. However, while an engagement ring can seem like that more amazing gift to get your special someone (and trust us, it really is), there’s one question that might arise during the buying process, keeping you awake at night: “How can I make this ring more special than all the other ones out there?”. 

Now, don’t worry, you don’t have to empty out your life savings or sell a kidney just to get the biggest rock or a hefty diamond surrounded by even more diamonds, as a special ring doesn’t necessarily mean having to shell out more cash. One of the best ways to make the engagement ring special is to personalize it. This will make it a lot more unique compared to any other ring out there. Whether you want to go for a super distinct personalization, or a discreet, low-key change or addition that only you and your spouse-to-be will understand, the ways to personalize a ring are endless!

Making a one-of-a-kind engagement ring

Clueless as to how you can personalize your engagement ring to make it far more special? 

Here are some ideas to get your grand ring plan off the ground:

1. Engraving

The most accessible option on this list, adding an engraving on your engagement ring can help you to make the one you offer your loved one much more unique than anything out there. It will be distinct to the point that you could lose it in a pile of other similar-looking rings and still find your own. 

From inscribing phrases to symbols (or even sound waves), applying engraving on your engagement ring will allow it to stand out in a way that you and your significant other will know best. This will truly make it even more special than it already is!

2. Birthstones

This personalization tip is definitely a plus if your significant other is an astrology fanatic who swears that they met you because the stars lined up perfectly. Getting your birthstone applied on the engagement ring that you’ll be giving will help with creating a symbol of commitment to your significant other, showing them that you are truly theirs and no one else’s.

3. Different metal finishes

Usually, people settle for perfectly-polished wedding bands when trying to get an engagement ring for their loved ones. However, many people don’t know that this isn’t the only option out there. To make your ring even more unique, you could get a matte-finished or textured ring to help the engagement ring you’re giving stand out from all the other options on the market.

4. Filigree

If your significant other is a huge fan of vintage styling, incorporating this ancient technique onto your engagement ring will help it with standing out completely while suiting their tastes, a winning combo that will have them swooning far over the moon. Inspired by lace, Filigree is made through carving along the setting of the band and applying fine wire into the design for an intricate appeal.

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