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12 Rose Gold Bridal Sets You Can't Miss This Winter

Round Brilliant Rose Gold Bridal Set by Kobelli

When it comes to rose gold, it is always the right time and the right occasion to promote its beauty. However, winter weddings have a special magic that enhances the precious pink tenderness, thus making it even more soul-stirring and memorable. Today is the perfect day to present you the 12 best-selling rose gold bridal sets by Kobelli that are here to expand your horizons and show you a new world of perfectly paired jewelry made with love, passion and professionalism.




Round Cut Halo Diamond Bridal Ring Set In 14k Rose Gold


The round diamond is among the top choices of women who want to keep it “classic” even during the selection of their wedding ring sets. This one in particular is entirely embellished with 84 sparkly diamonds in round cut. The engagement ring is designed in the highly desired halo style, featuring a large diamond in the center that is securely held between double four prongs. According to customers who have already trusted the beauty of this Kobelli bridal set, its visual appearance scores 10 out of 10. It is all thanks to the flawless symmetry, which could not be achieved without the sleek, curved lines of the wedding band that entirely match the engagement ring’s design.

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Round Brilliant Rose Gold Bridal Set with Pave Diamonds

Showcasing a soft pink hue, this is one of the rose gold bridal sets that win the heart in a split second. Made to be a style statement of the lady who chooses unpretentious elegance over edginess, this adorable jewelry creation is easy to love and wear as a Sunday brunch. If you choose it as the final touch of your bridal attire, be more than ensured that it will bring you countless days of immeasurable precious glow and sophistication, which will be perceived with each and every of your moves. The set includes two pieces, a round-styled engagement ring and a wedding band with the same vibes. The total number of stones that this bridal set is adorned with is 32, each being 100% natural and conflict-free.

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5 Stone Rose Gold Bridal Set with Round Brilliant Diamonds


Is it “elegance o’clock” already? Of course it is and the jewelry engagement buying guide says that you need a graceful set made of 14 shimmering rose-gold karats. Its extraordinary sparkle, which is not so typical for this precious metal, is a reason more to just go for it. The truth is, there is a lot to admire and enjoy when it comes to this Kobelli bridal set. The three-stone engagement ring is designed with delicate curves and plenty of ornateness, thus promising to become your best ally for unforgettable outfit layouts. With 41 round-shaped diamonds framed in a sophisticated prong setting, this bridal set is definitely going to light up your world like no other jewelry piece before.

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Moissanite and Diamond Rose Gold Bridal Set with Antique Cathedral Setting

Ladies with special fondness for antiquities go crazy for this cathedral bridal set that has a very special place in our collection of vintage-inspired jewelry. Resembling a royal, heirloom adornment you would see in a museum only, this set is the right choice to make if you truly appreciate the authenticity and complexity of antique designs. The engagement ring is centered with the diamond’s biggest rival – moissanite, which complements the entire creation with striking fire and brilliance. A woman’s Boho elegance is literally yearning for rose gold bridal sets of this kind, so if you want to know how does it feel to get struck by a real storm of glamour and artistry, trust its gold-etched engravings that make it a specimen of fine jewelry treasury.

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Pear Shaped Moissanite and Diamond Rose Gold Bridal Set


Did you know that stones cut in the fancy pear shape are immensely sought-after in pearl jewelry? Their purpose is to make a statement and we believe that every lady wants her bridal jewelry to leave an everlasting impression of her refinement and subtlety. This set of rose-gold rings invites you to personally experience the prodigious and we ensure you that as soon as you have it on your hand, it will become your all-time favorite accessory. Rose gold bridal sets are jealous of this stunning sparkler, which includes an opulent pear-shaped engagement ring centered with a prong-set moissanite of near colorless grade and a sleek, matching wedding band. Both pieces are accentuated with tiny, charming diamonds in round shape whose gleaming allure gets straight to the heart of the viewer.

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Round Moissanite and Diamond Interwoven Rose Gold Bridal Set

Have you ever dreamed of a bridal set that is anything, but ordinary? It is true that there are many yellow gold, white gold and rose gold bridal sets that can give you a real-time beauty flash. However, not many are those that take the breath away whenever you see them, over and over again. The entice of this Kobelli bridal set can be seen from any angle and under any type of light exposure, thanks to the high-polish finish that perfectly blends with the shimmer of 93 starry stones. The engagement ring is featuring a high-end interwoven design that ignites the jewelry desire of the woman looking for something truly aesthetic and out of the ordinary. All eyes stop at the mesmerizing moissanite stone that is keeping the central position by promoting a total weight of 1 precious carat.

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Round Moissanite and Diamond Rose Gold Bridal Set with Cushion Halo

Did you know that rose gold bridal sets with extra large center stones are in high gear this wedding season? If you did not, consider this handsome Kobelli bridal set a great opportunity to enter the world of latest jewelry tendencies and shoulder your style with a high-profile adornment that brings immeasurable poise and stateliness altogether. Composed of an engagement ring and a pair of matching contoured wedding bands, this star-studded bridal set will entirely cover your hand with natural and conflict-free gemstone magnificence. One near-colorless Kobelli moissanite and ninety-eight white diamonds in prong setting is the ultimate formula that is placing this bulky creation into women’s top selection for rose gold bridal sets of finest quality.

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Vintage Round Brilliant Moissanite and Diamond Rose Gold Bridal Set


Women might be the most complicated creatures on the planet, but there is one thing about them that is quite simple and easy to understand: they want to wear jewelry that best reflects their taste and individuality. When it comes to the design of this set, we can tell you that it is destined to the woman who decides to look flirty and fun. The entire set is labeled “14K rose gold” and it comes in a three-piece mode, including an exquisite engagement ring with dynamic milgrain lining and two matching wedding bands. The dazzling splendor and the range of touching, elaborate details which are tastefully incorporated into the design of this bridal set make it a proven heart winner among the other rose gold bridal sets. The lavishness of the engagement ring can be easily perceived when viewed from aside, thanks to the collection of small, dainty diamonds that embellish the crown in which the central moissanite gem is securely mounted.

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Forever Brilliant Moissanite and Diamond Rose Gold Bridal Set

Do you want to feel fresh, bright and enchanting? Adorned with sparkling prong-set stones that are not ashamed to twinkle with striking fire and brilliance, this Kobelli creation stands for “rose gold bridal sets that can perfectly shoulder the classy and sophisticated style of the cosmopolitan woman”. The pair of cushion-cut engagement ring in halo style and a matching wedding band with delicious curved lines is here to remind you that you can always go your own way and color your married life in charming pink. The pillow-like diamond center is “1 carat heavy” and guarantees to steal the show wherever it appears with its radiating appeal issued from high-end double-claw prongs. Counting 101 stones in total.

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Moissanite and Diamond Halo Rose Gold Bridal Set with Low Set Center


Moissanite is a precious gem that exudes the notions of the incredible and the immeasurable. Why “the incredible”? Because its icy white hue makes everyone have a soft spot for the jewelry piece that it adorns. Why “the immeasurable”? Because the rays of luster emitted from moissanite cannot be graded nor measured – they are indefinite. To have both the incredible and the immeasurable for yourself, you need to get this regal bridal set which is promoting a delicate low-set look. Rose gold bridal sets of this kind are exceptionally favored in the world of vintage-inspired jewelry, thanks to their artful opulence. All 60 stones are styled in the round brilliant cut, known as the most popular cut for jewelry of promise. Please note that low-set jewelry offers outstanding comfort and functionality - the major reason that is notably desired for.

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Milgrain Princess Cut Diamond Rose Gold Bridal Set


“… and she looked profoundly generous and confident forever after”, this is the happy-ending story told by rose gold bridal sets like this one, crafted in materials of finest quality and with an infused sense of devotion. The idea of designing this spunky bridal set was to create a two-piece adornment whose flawless milgrain edging will look idyllic on a lady’s hand, thus enhancing her elegance and magnetism. The engagement ring is embellished with a delicious princess diamond center that is warmly embraced by an assembly of small round diamonds in halo arrangement. As for the wedding band, its complementary design is showcasing a dazzling row of round diamond accents that are talking “magnificence” in a combination with the hue of beyond-sumptuous high-polished rose gold.

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Oval Moissanite and Diamond Halo Rose Gold Bridal Set


Rose gold bridal sets crowned with oval-shaped stones are definitely not made for everyone; their out-of-this-world beauty and “outlandishness”can be only showed off by the woman that is feeling herself when wearing something with a strong personal flavor. Well, if this bridal set is not owning this attribute, than what else is? Its edgy rose-gold design is “seasoned” with a breathtaking oval-styled engagement ring centered with a 9mm x 7mm moissanite gemstone and a matching contoured wedding band that is vastly accentuated with tiny, round-cut stones. Both pieces symbolize the vow of everlasting love, so if you still cannot find the bridal jewelry of your most opulent fantasies, maybe this is the creation destined to be your ultimate one-stop destination, who knows?

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