7 Noteworthy Handmade Wedding Bands For Non-Traditional Grooms

Groom wearing a handmade wedding band on left hand

No kidding, you are getting married real soon and you haven’t decided yet how to top off your futuristic wedding-day look. In other words, you are still searching for the wedding band that will entirely fit your style and personality. For this special occasion of yours, Kobelli Jewelry presents you 7 handmade wedding bands that are absolutely amazing and guarantee to present your “groomness” in the best way possible. Check’em out!





Black Diamond Handmade Wedding Band with Meteorite Inlay in 18K Yellow Gold


An epitome of men’s ultimate elegance, a band that incorporates the black diamond magic and the entire galaxy in a simple speck of 18K yellow gold. This is what this cosmic wedding band truly is, designed to add an extra meaning to his fashionable style. The meteorite inlay runs 5mm wide along one edge of the entire 8mm surface and it is decorated with seven round flush-set black diamonds. The astuteness of this outstanding handmade band majorly revolves about the fact that it can be ideally used as both a fashion ring and a wedding band. Now, this is a question for you – How many handmade wedding bands you have seen to feature this genuine characteristic? Not so many, maybe none?

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Extra Wide Flat Band with Meteorite Inlay in 14K Rose Gold


Graded “excellent” when it comes to comfort and personality, this 9mm extra wide band is the right choice for grooms who want to make a bold statement, by not excluding the notion of refinement that is incorporated in each and every of the band’s 14 rose gold karats. This is another one in the row of handmade wedding bands made with a meteorite inlay platform that scream durability and versatile performance in all senses. The center of the band is bedecked with an engaging square diamond nestled in a secure bezel setting. To make this piece of jewelry a real heart winner, Kobelli artisans finished it with silky, high polish for an easily detected appearance. Men who already have a soft spot for this band, can undoubtedly wear it as a modern fashion accessory at their own convenience.

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Cobalt Chrome Flat Band with Meteorite Inlay


The simplest, yet the most delicate look a groom can get is the cobalt chrome look, which is eminently desired for modernistic handmade wedding bands. Cobalt chrome is a precious eco-friendly bio material with an incredible strength; it allows jewelry artisans to create everlasting pieces with flashing beauty. This extra flat band is upgraded with a 7mm meteorite inlay that matches ideally its metallic sturdiness, thus being an excellent wedding-ring choice to express manliness in the most refined way possible. Usually, guys put a lot of thought when selecting a band to tie the knot with, but when it comes to this rule breaker, the decision is made as easy as 1-2-3. After perceiving its inherent cobalt chrome elegance, no man stay clueless about his style options any more. Designed for a 100% comfortable and versatile wear.

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Two-Tone Black Elysium Band in 18K Yellow Gold


Wearing luxury jewelry makes everyone feel flamboyant and important, including men. Therefore, the chance to enjoy in that feeling for the rest of their lives, given by this infinitely sophisticated band, which exhibits a captivating two-tone look. The X factor in its design is the 5-millimeter strip of black Elysium inlay running along the middle of an 8-millimeter 18K yellow gold band. In the world of precious metals, elysium is known as a revolutionary material obtained by using genuine polycrystalline diamonds coming right out of the laboratory. The outcome is nothing more, nothing less than the hardest handmade wedding bands ever made. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this Kobelli creation changes the entire definition of premium jewelry that lasts forever. The same band is also available in 18K rose gold.

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Two-Tone Black Elysium Handmade Wedding Band with 24K Yellow Gold Inlay


Black is fashionable, elegant and timeless. This explains a lot why certain men cannot get out of their “blackness”, promoted not only by the outfits they wear, but also the jewelry. This black Elysium band is a one-of-a-kind specimen in Kobelli’s collection of handmade wedding bands, thanks to its enchanting matte appeal and the sophisticated beveled edging on both sides. The band is 8mm wide and it is centrally adorned with a 2mm strip of 24K yellow gold that stands for value, richness and stateliness. With this exceptional accessory on hand, a man can easily stand out in a crowd and gain a recognition of a trend setter. Is that what you are expecting from your personalized wedding look? If yes, you will be more than happy to integrate it into your everyday too.

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Black Elysium Matte Finish Handmade Wedding Band With Diamond


Browsing handmade wedding bands that seem to come from some new, undiscovered dimensions whose magic cannot be measured nor described? Well, this is a one to pay special attention to, because, as the design speaks for itself, it is a revolutionary jewelry piece forged by top of the line technology. The 8mm band is entirely crafted in premium-quality Elysium, a material that selflessly praises diamond’s out-of-this-world crystalline brilliance and hardness. To introduce conscious luxury into your classy, married life, there is a centrally mounted solitaire diamond fashioned in round brilliant mode, known as the sparkliest cut of all. The stone is sitting in a secure bezel setting and it is the ideal adornment to the band’s unbeatable matte finish.

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Rustic Coarse Brush Textured Handmade Wedding Band in 14K Rose Gold


The notion of “non-traditional” and the notion of “rustic” go hand-in-hand so naturally, especially when it comes to handmade wedding bands and there is nothing that can beat this unambiguous statement. The design of this brush textured band represents a fusion of rose gold and wood, both materials standing for finest quality and superior craftsmanship. Its flair of authenticity comes from the band’s inner part, which Kobelli masterclass artisans made of highly polished Natcoco hardwood material that offers pleasant and comfortable wear. An extra trait to bear in mind is that this high-end jewelry piece is hypoallergenic, by also being 100% natural and conflict free. Therefore, it is perfect for eco-conscious consumers. Men who are interested in owning this band should have no concern to wear it as both a fashion accessory or a wedding band, as it is designed to fit both of these occasions.

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Interested to discover other up-to-the-minute designs? Visit our online store to see the entire collection of handmade wedding bands manufactured by Kobelli’s masterclass artisans. Happy selection!

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